Noob Battery Questions

Hi everyone! I’m looking to convert my 46 in pintail longboard into and e-board and I have a few questions. I’ve read through the FAQ at least three times and I’m still not sure what would work best for me. I’m 160lb and my commute to campus is a slight uphill slope probably around a 5% grade for around 2 miles. Given how much space I have on my deck I want to put as much range on it as possible so I don’t have to worry about charging much. I was thinking since this is my first build to just use lipos since I’m trying to keep costs down while also using a BMS. I’m thinking 10s4p could work well but I’m still not sure which ones would work best. Top speed I’m hoping to hit around 25 mph with a single motor setup. I’m planning on using 83mm flywheel clones but I’m also not sure what motor would best suit me. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

If I were you, I would go with Single 190kv 6374 Motor, VESC and 10S1P LiPo (I would use 5x 8000 2S LiPo and connect them in series to make it stealth…if you have flexy deck, it might be a problem…then i would go with 5S batteries) With 15/36 gear ratio it would give you max speed of ~40kmph ({“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:190,“system-efficiency”:900,“motor-pulley-teeth”:15,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:83}|)

If you can afford more, then change the battery for LiIon 10S4P

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Thank you so much! It’s a super stiff deck so that shouldn’t be a problem. What sort of range could I expect with this?

Really far… Like really really far 16 miles if your gunning it and 20 if you are really conservative. (10S1P Lipo) 18-22 with a Li-Ion (18650 25R) One thought… I just made a build for commuting around my campus as well. It can climb around 15% grade, goes 7 miles and goes 25 mph at full charge. It is a 6S1P Lipo. If you can afford the 10S system I highly recommend it. But if you are trying to be a baller on a budget then consider a 6S1P system, a little less umph, but it’s still plenty to have a total blast.

Oh wow that’s more than I expected. What’s the mAh on your batteries? Budget’s not too big of a deal and this is an investment so I’m thinking it’d be worth it. There’s only 4 batteries in stock for the ones above so I’m thinking 9S1P system using three of these could work well too. I could even get 6 of them for 9S2P if I’m feeling really ambitious

5000 mAh for me. if you did lipo 9S2P at 8000 mAh you’d go as far as the chevy volt on a single charge… haha we’re talking 30 miles… That’s farrrrrrrrrr.

If you want to estimate your range, you can count it like this: YOUR VOLTAGE (9s~33,3V) * CAPACITY (8Ah) / 10 = Number of miles (26.64) If you will go more slowly, you can exceed this distance

I’ve used this site for calculations… It’s been spot on for me so far.

It’s not that straight forward. I should get 36km with my pack and if i ride slowly like 15kmh average i might get that 30km and when i’m bashing around i get under 20km. I use 10s4p made from 25Rs.

Anyone here weigh around 225 lbs? I’m also in uni and would like to electrify my loaded vanguard, before potentially moving to a trampa urban carver (they look so dope, would love to try one, but cad$ :frowning:). What would you guys recommend for batteries?

My initial thoughts are on a 6s with a 215kv motor (as per torques recommendation on the 63mm) to get started, and then I’d like to expand and make it a dual 6s dual motor (1 per motor). Will 1 motor and 1 6s even be enough to move my 225 lbs behind around?

@Peeta I would go straight to dual or at least one 6374 on 10S…single on 6s might not be enough for you…

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