Noob here,need some seriosu advice!

Hello so long story short i own a MBS Comp 90 that has the next fetures:VECTOR TWIN PIN CHANNEL TRUCKS T3 TREAD ROCKSTAR HUBS And the next specs:OVERALL LENGTH 42.7” / 108.4cm AXLE TO AXLE LENGTH 34.6” / 88.0cm DECK LENGTH 36.0” / 91.4cm TRUCK WIDTH 15.5” / 39.4cm AXLE O.D. 9.5mm O.D. TIRE 8” / 20.3cm HUB RockStar 5 Spoke. In the country i am from,i can t get the parts i need but i am going in Boston US newxt week. What parts do u think i should use…where to buy from in the US i know the parts i dont know exactly the specs i will need for this type of board,some opinions would be much apreciated! THX!