Noob needs a simple answer

So I’m currently caving from information overload and have 10 different tabs of threads open but can’t find a simple answer.

Basically I have 2 Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190KV’s Voltage: 10S Lipoly Max Loading: 65A Max Power: 2450W

What ratings batteries do I need for max range? mah, cells wise?

Well you need 10s for that motor. And the more mah the battery, the more range you’ll get. Are you looking at lipo or a li-ion pack?

It is a bit of a broad question, it has multiple answers but:

It is a matter of stacking cells in parralel. The more cells you have in parallel the more range you will get :slight_smile: this is a good calculator to calculate the range a bit

Thats very hard to answear as we dont know what you mean by “max range”. Take is a rule of thumb that more batteries=more Wh( Ah * Voltage)= more range

I’m looking at lipo, if i stack 4 5S’s will that work?

If by stack you mean put two in series and two in parallel then yes that would work just fine.

okay so 3 6s in parallel wouldn’t be enough? this is what i was thinking originally

Thanks does this all add up, range and speed would be ideal

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you can do 12 cells in series. you could do lower voltage but better to go high get more power if you can for more power. for range it shouldn’t matter what voltage youre running as amphours times voltage gives watthours so for the same size battery wont matter really if youre running lower or higher voltage.

Nah 6s would get you like 15mph. Go with 10s. What you have in that calc looks good if you’re okay with that 10 mile range.

I’m assuming you don’t actually have 180mm wheels though. Unless you’re making an AT board, in which case you’d want to gear down more.

yeah it is an AT board and my main use is going to be a 3 mile commute and trying to get high speeds on private land