Noob question, Connecting batteries with an Anti-Spark Connector

I want to connect 4X 4S and 4X 6S batteries in parallel and in series in order to get one 10S battery, and a wanted to know if I have to use an Anti-Spark Connector in all the connections of the battery or only in the connection that goes to the vesc

You only need it where there’s going to be the possibility of a very quick draw of power (like when you plug into the VESC). Just connecting those cells together (so building that series/parallel combination) shouldn’t create any sparks cause there’s nothing that’s trying to use that power.

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That’s great :smile: I was afraid that I would have to buy a bunch of Anti-Spark connectors, this way I will save a bunch of money

So first connecting batteries in series no spark will come? Because circuit should be open