Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!

my motor makes a werid like nosie

there are different parameters we need to know to give you some recommendations. Did you already read through this:

What and how you set up your vesc at the moment?

videos always good to understand which noice it is :wink:

ye i undersatnd what the vesc does but for example i dont know what amp to put in for my battery or what watt my motor will run at like that stuff

it should be written everything in thread i linked you.

Look, as min we need to know

  • which battery you use
  • singel or dual setup
  • which motors and gearing
  • where are the vescs mounted (airflow yes/no)

ye i am using a 10s3p lg cell and a 200kv racestar motor vesc gets a little air flow a single set up and i am using the oesc from miami boards

which LG cells you using?

and please which racestar, size of motor. or maybe you know till which max current they rated?

li-ion 36v 6.6ah/237.6wh

max charge 42v

i dont know the lg cell type

is it a pre build pack? you should know how much amps you can get out of your pack. for this you need to know the cell type used in the pack. if itΒ΄s just a 5A cell, you shouldnΒ΄t ask more than 15a from the pack

does a broken winding mean a new motor?

um is is a brh5064


Is the diyeboard v1.1 esc programmable? Can the Ackmaniac BLDC tool be used on this? I want to know if I can vary the throttle and braking response with the hand controller.

Project wowgo upgrade! |Stock wowgo | Paris v2 | Wowgo hub motors |6.4 Panasonic(I think)| Stock ESC

So I have been looking a lot into upgrading my wowgo2s. It is a great eskate but I want something with a bit more torque and hill climbing ability. I am going to be doing this all in little pieces. I was looking at getting a focbox unity right now and later switch to a belt drive system. Any thoughts? Would the focbox unity work with my stock set up and remote?

it will probably work with the hub motors, it will still be lackluster though, but ti likely will NOT work with the remote.

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@mmaner It will still lack luster? Do you think it will be worse or just about the same? Because I dont expect to have better performance until I go to a dual belt drive system.

p.s I follow you on insta! You need to tell me more about your gear drive set up, like how do I do that?!

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It will probably be better than it is now, bit not a ton. Those hub motors are just week, not much you can do to make them strong on torque.

Gear drive is relatively new, but its definitely worth it. I use a set from @Kug3lis that mount to TorqueBoards 218mm trucks. They are torques best friend and fassssssssst too.

What motors do you run?

on which board :). Mostly I like to run 170kv to 190kv 6374’s, on the gear drive I’m running TB 190kv 6374’s.

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Eventually down the road ill build a mountain board but today ill just stick to the streets xD. I eventually want to get a different battery set up too unless the panasonic 6.4 battery in my wowgo can handle a pair of 190 kv 6374’s? which is what I plan on running.