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Noob question thread! ๐Ÿ˜€ ask your questions here!

Sorry for my ignorance but I canโ€™t understand this:

if an electric motor like that

that have 80 amps

can be connected to this esc

that only allows 50 amps . I can not understand if I connect a battery that provides 80 amps will not burn the esc?

Hey all,

Iโ€™ve been riding an ownboard mini KT for about a year and not ready to build my own yet but wanna get something I can upgrade to increase top speed at the expense of some torque. Iโ€™m thinking the M1 then swap to 100mm boas. If theyโ€™re too big I might resin print a custom wheel pulley with less teeth.

I posted in this thread about it, could you take a look and see what you think?

Thanks for your help everyone, looking forward to joining this community.

that esc is no good yeah. I said their upcoming vesc. It will be v6 hardware based not v4.

check it out on torqueboards profile on

you can limit the amps in the software, itโ€™s a vesc not just an esc

thank you very much !! :+1:

That ESC says 50A continuous (but 240A max), and the motor is 80A max.

Doesnโ€™t that just mean the motor could continuously run at 50A, but could do bursts of its max of 80A?

Are you saying the ESC wouldnโ€™t be compatible with that motor, or that itโ€™s just a bad ESC in general? :sweat_smile:


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That esc is shit regardless of what the specs say. I would rather use it than a flipshit esc but thatโ€™s besides the point.

This is what you want:

I need help programming a vesc. Itโ€™s not working with my hoverboard motors. Thanks, hope that you can help๐Ÿ˜€.

yo, im making ez cheap board and i have problem, my bateries are being discharged by only one cell, (i have two 11,1V 3S 2700mah bateries, and after traveling like 300meters i hear that battery is low, when i checked it at home two cells were aroud 3,6V and last one was basicly dead (below 3V) how to fix?

which batteries?

two of these connected

edt:ops itโ€™s the 2200 mah one, but they are the same exept for mahโ€™s (the ones i use are 2700mah each one)

withy basically dead do you mean empty or like dead dead

I managed to charge it but idk how it will work, Thing is that mainly one cell from 3 total is discharging so even if two other are 3,5V or smt it will not be usable cuz of that one which is discharging so fast, also one important question, if im gonna plug in 36V baterry will it damage 24V ESC or 24V motor?

donโ€™t do that, they both wonโ€™t like it but esc will probably die first

well damn me, any good battery recomendations? :c (for 24V setup)

Hola, me gustaria saber, si compro cualquier skate y trae ciertas baterias de x mh o capacidad Puedo ponerle otras baterias mas grandes o de mas capacidad para tener mas autonomia?? Gracias por adelantado. No tengo ni idea de electronica ni nada de eso. Pero si soy un manitas y cualquier cosa que vea puedo replicarla facilmente.

Use a butane crack lighter and some flux. Works like a charm

I got a build Iโ€™m planning. Where is the right place to post about it? How do I post about it?

this place is dead. Hop over to

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Lol just did that