[Noob] The Kind-of-Boosted | Loaded Vanguard | Caliber II 50 | Dual Torqueboard 6355 190KV | Torqueboard VESC

Hey everyone! Noob here, looking to do my first build. I really like the Boosted aesthetic and I want dual belt drive because I live in a super hilly area and I want the torque.


I’m kind of a wimp in terms of speed. I’ve probably never gone faster than 18 mph on my current Chinaboard, and I was scared at that point. So this build really doesn’t need to go any faster than say…20 mph. What I do want though is tons of uphill torque, good range, and a comfy ride. I’m not a performance junkie, I just want a reliable, confidence inspiring board that I can commute with and occasionally take leisure rides around the beach. I weigh 185lbs.




Deck: Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 Trucks: Caliber II 50 Wheels: I’m torn between Orangutan Kegels in 80a and 90mm ABEC 11s in 73a. Thoughts? Mount: The old open source Enertion mount, which I’m going to machine myself. Pulleys: Thinking about machining the wheel sprocket myself to meet my needs. Otherwise, just going to use the the Torqueboards pulleys that correspond to my wheels.

Electronics: Motor and ESC: The Torqueboards Dual Motor kit, 6355 190KV motors and VESCs collections/electric-skateboard-power-kits/products/dual-motor-electric-skateboard-kit Battery: 10S3P pack of Samsung 30Qs, looking to get it built by Hyper Ion. Remote, and other miscellaneous small parts TBD

So that’s what I’m looking at right now. I’m a total noob, just been doing a lot of reading. And advice or critiques? Thanks!

90mm boa wheels if they are in stock soon

Would you recommend those above both the Orangatans and the ABECs?

Hey! And welcome to the forum!

I’d suggest spend a sh*t loads of time just browsing this forum. It’s an incredible source of information. I spent about a month just reading before I was confident in what exact parts I’ll be using, why I’ll be using them, and how those parts will work together.

There are many AMAZING builds here including quite a few BEAUTIFUL boosted clones! Check these out:


@Eboosted @jackw

Here is my opinion on what you could get:

Deck and trucks looking good! For wheels, I’d suggest the Boa Hatchlings or the Ollin Popoca’s because you want the ride comfort. Both are 90mm and have pretty soft/high quality urethane:


The Orangatang Kegels are amazing wheels, but they are 80mm and 80a. That will not give you much ride comfort. And the ABEC’s are good, but the colors are kind of odd (I don’t like them)!

For pulleys, I’d suggest @longhairedboy pulleys. They have a bearing for more precision and an easier installation. And their prices are pretty good. I think 37T will be your best choice. If you decide on making them yourself, make a 15mm version for 15mm wide belts.

And for motor pulleys, get these from TB.

For mounts, you could use the Enertion ones, but I’d suggest just getting these from @Jlabs, they are very well built, have a very nice price, and you can use these pulley covers specifically designed for these motors mounts.

In that Dual kit, the 2 motors are very good. But the VESC’s not so much. Do you know what FOC is? Probably no. Basically it’s a mode in the VESC in which motors become virtually silent. But FOC is more dangerous for VESC’s and can break them if they don’t have the best components. And those are not bad, but they don’t have the best components. Soooo… if you’ve just said yes I want them to be silent, you’ll have to spent just a little more money:

Get these FOCBOX’s, and these motors. They are 208kv which is better for 10s.

10s3p of 30Q’s is good. You could make 10s4p for better range. I’d suggest contacting @Eboosted for the enclosures. The ones he makes are simply beast! They look really good and are amazing quality!

Some other parts:

Get these risers for better aesthetics:

Belts: vbeltsupply.com or TB, length will depend on your pulley choices. Check this website to see what pulleys you’ll need for different speeds with your setup and this website to check which belt length you need with the parts you choose.

Hardware and bearings you can get from TB.

If you want to run FOC, get the sensor wires from TB as well.

Depending on your setup, buy different bullet connectors 3.5mm/5.5mm.

Get a lot of 12AWG wires so you can run them through your board.

I’d suggest buying a Dremel if you don’t own something similar already (for routing the deck for wires and adjusting the truck for pulleys if you choose the ones I linked).


Yes i would :slight_smile:

Also if you should buy motor pulleys, if you cant machine steel


If you choose those pulleys it will require modification to the truck :slight_smile:

Is aluminum an option? I have access to a CNC mill, and I’d like to machine as many of the parts as I can, partly to save money but mostly for the satisfaction of having self made parts haha. It also lets me get around having to modify my trucks.

Are you able to make your own design of the pulley? If so, make them!! It’s even better. So is aluminium. I still suggest using bearings though : )

Wow that is a ton of information. Thank you! I’m going to research all of that. I like those mounts and I like being able to use those motor covers. I’m most likely going to make a copy of them in CAD and try to machine them myself as well. Unless there’s a model available that you know of? And also, you mentioned 37T being good for my pulleys, but the link you posted is to a 36T pulley. Did you mean 36T? I’m trying to figure out how to design one, most likely just going to copy it from an existing design.

As for the FOCBOX, I’ve read a little bit about that. They’re certainly a premium part from what I can see. I’m not super interested in FOC mode though (I also have a hub board for silent running if I want it) and the FOCBOX is a bit pricey. If I don’t intend to use FOC mode, can I get away with using the TB VESCs with the motors you posted?.

Finally…super noob question…where do I get all the bolts and stuff for actually mounting everything? They come with the kits but I’m not really planning on buying a lot of premade kits.

Thanks again!

I do have a kegel pulley design somewhere, do you want it.

I cant confirm the accuracy but you can test it with a 3d print

I hope you’ll find at least some useful!

For the mounts, I don’t think there are files available.

For pulleys, I just posted the wrong link, it’s updated now. If you’re sure you won’t want to go faster than 20mpg, then 37T/38T is best with 90mm wheels.

FOCBOX’s indeed are a premium. But they are one of the most important components. They will cost you only $100, not all that much for the safety of the board you’ll be using daily. You could use the TB VESC’s though.

For hardware, as @moon said, McMaster or Amazon : )

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Yeah the pulley models would be great! Thanks!

Also just a vanity question, is there any way to get those Popoca wheels in orange? I just really dig the black/orange look boosted has haha.

No, they are only in black. You can get the 100mm red Constrictor wheels, but these will cause wheel bite.

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Not snubbing boa wheels, but there’s nothing better than Abec Superfly’s of Flywheels. I have 90, 97 and 107mm…they are great.

Sure, they are very good, but not sure why you’re saying there is nothing better. Cores of O’tang/Boa wheels are stronger, not a single Boa/Ollin wheel has shown chunking, maaany ABEC’s have, especially the Superfly’s.

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Given that there a few million Abec 11 wheels and only a few 1000 of the others other than kegels, I’m not sure the comparison is valid. I haven’t bought any boa wheels because I hate white wheels, and they don’t have the size I want in anything but white

Like any wheel assembly, if the pulley is mounted correctly core strength shouldn’t be an issue.

Regarding kegels, I have a set and absolutely enjoy the hell out if them. They are great for slides, not simmucb for comfort as thr durometer is a little high for.me.

I purposely said I’m not snubbing other wheels but I think it’s hard to argue that any other wheel is better than Abec Flywheels/Superflys until they’ve been out for awhile and the sales numbers are significantly higher.


Yeah, the comparison wasn’t the best, but again I don’t understand how you can be saying that there is nothing better if you haven’t tried all of the wheels.

I’m not snubbing ABEC either, I have their 83mm and 97mm Flywheels love them too, but they chunk, a lot. And the contact patch is not the best. The ‘kegel’ core is better for pulleys/ easier for aligning, and a ‘better’ fit.

Try the 100mm Constrictors, they have an option with red urethane on a black hub now.

Anyways, as long as the wheel’s are made in the USA, they will be somewhat good. So your choice here @bobbobman, is the look, colour and size. You’ll find pulleys for both types of hubs, and you’ll enjoy them for what you buy them for.

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