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Hi everyone!

Like each member of this community, I also wanted to build my electric skateboard, some years ago. I have read articles blogs and tutorials by and night. Now I would like to give my contribution to the community through NØRDE.

NØRDE would provide DIY parts as a first step, but aims to gather everything you need to build and customize your board, no matter your skill level.

For the technical parts, the headquarters are in France, but I am living in Switzerland for six months and will ship from here.

I hope to develop and grow this project with you. Stay tuned!

NØRDE – Power In Your Hands


Hey welcome ! Glad you can join us , what kinda parts we talking ?

Hi, thank you for your message. For the time being it would be mechanical parts, with transmission kits and motor mounts. I will upload pictures and website in the next few days!


Welcome here too :v: :wink: Wish you the best, thanks for sharing !

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Welcome and best of luck Are you making the drive train yourself or sourcing from Maytech or diyeboard?


Thank you! I have designed the drivetrain, but I am not manufacturing it.

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Below are the first images of the wheel pulley for orangatang kegel. The suppliers are now on holidays and we need to wait a little bit longer for the motor mount. But they are coming :smiley:

slideshow-1 slideshow-2 slideshow-3


Did you test all the samples?

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Great to have you here. I’m American but my family is originally from Sweden (Nordmeyer/Norde Mayer). Good name!

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I have tested 10 pieces that fit inside the wheels and I have 25 samples for the time being

@venom121212 Thanks! I am fascinated by the nordic countries to be honest

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Wow, these look like a million $! Hope they don’t cost that much… :sweat_smile: Seriously tho, the finish is amazing, I thought those were renders at first.


Let us know! It’s always great to see a new vendor that has some quality parts. You going to do any beta testing in the community?

Welcome to the forum those pulleys look very nice. Are they the snap in style or the bolt on. I see you are from switzerland. I found out that my fathers side is originally from mumpf and frenckendorf.

no bearing no deal :wink:

Seriously though: the trend clearly is to avoid the unnecessary bolts to hold the pulley.

Thank you everyone! My supplier surely hates me because I am too intransigent with the surface finish, but it’s worth it.

@Itsmedant Yes, I will do a beta testing. I thought about waiting for the motor mounts to arrive, so for the end of this month. What do you guys think?

@briman05 and @Maxid They don’t use bolts. I decided to avoid the bearing, my goal is to make easy-to-install parts that do not require any modification of the wheels or something like that.

That is good! Let me know if you need someone to test things. My evo build is about done and I have a few more in the works as well.

Good luck!!

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@Skunk tester


Yes please. Nothing like a 200lb guy in his 30s with no car to test durability. :wink::joy: I ride everywhere.


So you got a west coat tester @Skunk and an east coast tester, me!

Test in all sorts of climates and road types!

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No bolts, no bearing?

How does it work then?