Normally I mill Esk8 stuff, but my kid needed a pine wood derby car

Not Esk8… But 4 wheels, and made of wood… So I feel compelled to post.

Normally I use free time on the mills at work to mill Esk8 parts, but here is the car I milled for my sons pinewood derby race.

Looked pretty good but finished middle of the pack.


One trick to improving the performance of a pinewood derby car is to use a lathe (Or a mill I guess) to remove as much material from the inside of the wheels as possible. Reduction of the rotating mass. The less rotational inertia, the better.

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I used to spend weeks working on pinewood derby cars with my kid, he made it to district twice and state once. Good times.

It’s all in the wheels, reducing friction, weight distribution.


Please give me 15 minutes of my life back. :joy:

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maybe middle of the pack in performance but definitely 1st place for appearance.


No. Way. I have four girls. You don’t even want to know how many hours of my life I’ve lost to funny animal videos…