Not a Boosted. [Boosted Clone, Dual Motor, 190KV Flipsky, Eboosted.] Build Thread

Another year, another build!.

Most likely my last I make for myself for the next 1 - 2 years so better turn out great!

Idea was to get the board I love, a Boosted.

Cheaper, faster and in a brand new condition since you won’t find a new V2 anywhere in Denmark anymore.

Started out with a hard budget of 740euro but must admit, I went over it… By double the amount…

Goals: Quality finish, no flaws. Reliable. Fast. Smooth. Versatile. Fast Charging. Over-all pure epicness.

Spec/part list:

  • Loaded Vanguard Flex 3.
  • E-Calibers.
  • Orangatang Kegels.
  • Flipsky 190KV 6354.
  • Flipsky 4.20 Plus.
  • Flipsky VX1.
  • Electricboardsolutions Mounts.
  • Electricboardsolutions Pulleys. (15/36).
  • 10S4P Samsung 30Q Bypassed 12AH.
  • Eboosted Enclosure Vanguard 10S4P

No fancy ble module or anything as a start.

Taking a few chances on the Flipsky VESC, but had very good experience with their motors in the past so I trust them on that.

Going into every detail I can on this build, premium inserts with fibreglass layer over it with premium car fender washers. Not a penny saved on the details, its what counts.

Should do 30-35km and 38-40km/h.

So far almost finished the deck, got it sanded down both sides ready to dremel and drill inserts into and paint so it looks as following.

All parts ordered, should be here within the next 2 weeks

Any tips and tricks are welcome, and of course some upgrades down the road!

Will post updates as I go.

Week 1.

Got the first parts in the mail, checked and sat it up for a bench test worked flawless! 60430473_1355842277889969_8870382736519462912_n 62014763_444429653043159_1876899819293769728_n

After initially just wanting a push board I ordered different trucks and wheels at first but quickly changed them for better.

Week 2.

A week later, ideas started to pop up went out to the local hardware store to see what ideas I could bring to life I bought some sandpaper paint and went to town on the deck graphics.

(Before and after)

60738177_2288642877845421_478103316870463488_n 61441364_2363333077242884_3171968923033665536_n

After getting the deck done I started sleeving motor wires, stripped the mount for paint since it was starting to look bad and I prepared the cutouts for the wires.

61962631_584352945408092_5299070657701609472_n%20(1) 62041805_448192442674332_6744642579498795008_n 62148394_434682307316078_8035469110248734720_n

Week 3.

Almost a month in! All parcels should have arrived at this point (Eboosted one missing due to customs) so I started preparing the cutouts and all the parts so It’s ready to mount.

62486920_2315233292078466_4594546990087405568_n 64230320_344440706267729_1763800703186239488_n

Few days later.

Got the last things!

Started out on the project, got all holes drilled channels prepared things soldered and everything made!

62502996_2402374873147847_6229026060487360512_n 62523232_676451566110566_8515125367034347520_n 62560932_452004455618709_2408232577124007936_n 62578676_447540392715198_6596743795818102784_n 62602649_467491844018040_2219070075535622144_n 62644375_429330480989860_3039593529845219328_n 64230320_344440706267729_1763800703186239488_n 64235261_368353497217646_2005506224061153280_n 64243387_428823917669680_1177551570091376640_n 64253817_403526646918592_3838654023259389952_n 64258585_1061842697338164_2133339234067546112_n 64317908_1059244314271752_5483977263311486976_n 64333837_2733969823344467_3128322026557669376_n 64352609_902358846793159_361805541049106432_n 64359137_2740491329312101_6631269556146929664_n 64369446_460830851151080_4251082518465347584_n 64423502_840235423018004_8768869475081519104_n 64444243_354673335245558_5729896709744492544_n 64573932_321573128776368_7938998698762043392_n 64575599_1077868995755451_567788551907835904_n 64606559_534352717103345_2891315625106341888_n 64738687_319614312305335_9179915063832608768_n

Pretty happy with the outcome, I still need to order a bashguard so I have a way to sort the wires out

Few things I’m considering swapping out:

Wheels for Caguamas

Mounts for

VESC for Unity

Other then that pretty happy with it! Runs amazing, super torque and good range. Charges in no time and isn’t even that heavy.


I’m currently planning on building almost the exact same setup. Are you going to build your battery your self or are you buying it somewhere? I’ve decided on all parts except for the battery. I also want a range of about 30-40 km but i got quoted $725 for a 10s4p battery (including the enclosure but still)

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Ive ordered mine from Electricboardsolutions.

He charged me 400USD for it, so thats 520 with enclosures.

Damn that’s not bad. I guess ill go with that as well:)! But does their battery really fit in the Eboosted Enclosure 10s4P? Isn’t Electricboardsolutions battery 30cm long and the Eboosted Enclosure exactly 30 cm long as well?

You just ask him to make it fit and it will, he made for it before.

But any double stack 10s4p should fit it.

Ok thanks man! I will send him a message:) Did you go with the High discharge BMS? I’m not even sure i understand what that is

come join us on the forum

Already on there, but its not that active.

Actually…since memorial day it is very active lol


Nicely done Nicklas :+1: I have a built Foosted myself so I’m sure you’re gonna like your own DIY more than the Boosted when it’s done :smiley:

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Damn, where’d you get the deck from? That’s a clean u drilled vanguard-boosted deck!

Just a custom Vanguard by me.

62014763_444429653043159_1876899819293769728_n image

Parts arrived! And wow, buying from again in the future thats for sure.

Thanks for the extra things and the 4A charger i didnt expect to see a 4A but rather a 2A!

Now i just need Eboosted to hook me up, a dremel and drill and im out riding!

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Wiring, vesc setup and mounting done.

Just waiting on @Eboosted now to ship the enclosure so i can do the rest.

62148394_434682307316078_8035469110248734720_n 62041805_448192442674332_6744642579498795008_n


This build is coming along real nice! How did you mount the eboardsolutions mount? Did you use loctite or just screw it down as hard as you could? The reason I am asking is since I do not seem to be able to mount it correctly as it gets a bit loose from time to time


You always wanna use threadlocker on all bolts on mounts like these, else they will get loose from riding.

I’m not sure if my enclosure will be alble to hold that battery, have you checked on that?

When i ordered it i specifically asked for it to work in your enclosure so I sure hope it does since @e.board_solutions said he made for it before.

The pack is 20x13x3.5

So looks like it may?

Made it like this hope I did it correct :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Double diagonal stacked. image