Not enough power

Hi, I’ve just finished building my first Eboard. My board is able to move by itself however once I’m on it, it’s barely moving or doesn’t move at all. I was wondering whether my build is faulty or I have to configure my VESC. These are the parts I’ve used: motor: Battery: 2 of VESC Drive Pulley (36T) & Motor Pulley (16T) & 12mm Belt: products/36t-kegel-pulley-combo-kit

are your batteries wired in series or parallel?


Was about to ask the same lol

also, have you run motor detection (with the pulley off) for your performance to be that bad you’d probably have a battery issue or a problem in your settings even on relatively small motors, the first time you accelerate on an eboard should be pretty scary.

bought wrong motor perhaps, for that ratio it’s better to be lower kv

The batteries are in series. What do you mean motor detection?

Oh here we go, u have to set vesc parameter/ program, for specific motor u use in order to use it

lol another example of someone who jumped in blind…

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Configure your vesc.

yea thats what I was asking. Thanks

Make sure you’ve set your cutoff voltages correctly in the vesc, if they’re set too high the board will be weak and not have much range. If set too low, you risk damaging the batteries.

For lipo batteries, 3.5 or 3.6v per cell is a good number for “cutoff end”, for 18650, you can go lower like 3.0. For “cutoff start”, go about 0.2-0.3v higher than cutoff end.

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thanks for the advice