Not for sale - Street carver 107mm high quality board

IMG_4066Snapseed%20(1) This board used one time only for electronic test. very very high quality built (i have another one (AT), so selling this street one) inside this board: (all parts new never used) titanium wide trucks with flywheels 107mm two focbox controllers metr bluetooth communication Turnigy motors 6364-190kv 10cells 4p battery 12 amps Li-ion with bms + 3amp charger battery case one pice, fit exactly! powerswitch battery range about 50km from full charge! max speed 50kmh but soft start, very comfort on ride. price 2750$ free fast shipping 3-5 days world wide everywhere…

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Did you use paint on the motors to cover the blue?

Yes. Its look better in black. The motors are not blue anodize … its paint anyway from factory… so i change to black.

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It looks great, I like all the attention to detail on the board. Someone will be happy with it!


I love it so much… i think mabe to keep it also😊 for now its for sale…

Well. I decide to keep it… not for sale… its amazing board…