Not reaching over 33mph?

Hey guys so I decided to do a speed run one day. I opulent get to go over 33mph on my vesc. Here is my setup

97mm Clones Vesc 4.12 12s 16t/36t 190kv motor

Any ideas why?

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Check out this calculator, it will tell you what it should be.

Try full battery

Said I should be reaching right around 42mph. Batteries were fully charged and balanced also

On the calculator your top speed should be around 34mph, but keep in mind that the weighted top speed you’ll get is only an estimate. Many things can effect your top speed so it could be above or below that estimate. If you managed to get to 33 mph then its pretty close.

That 42mph value is theoretical no load max rpm. eg, no friction/wind resistance etc.

There it is! My bad didn’t see it at the bottom thank you.

If you want to reduce speed just change the motor pulley to 14 or 15t.

I get accurate calculations when I use nominal voltage and also account for 95% duty cycle for example my motor is 200kv and for calculations I use 190kv instead

Hope you’ve got some pads…

Wonder what this guy’s setup is

300 kv 12s 20/40? 150 amp car ESC? 83 mm?