Notchy feeling motor?

I have some new motors… Turning them by hand I am familiar with the notchy magnetic feeling which is normal. But, one of the motors has a stronger notch part where the motor wants stop. It will continue on if pushed and continues all the way around to the same spot again. I’ve not connected it to the focbox yet. Anyone have any wise words?

  1. check for debris between the rotor and stator
  2. check for a loose magnet on the rotor
  3. have you mounted the motor to the mount? check to see if any mount screws are protruding too far and hitting phase wires.

Thanks @cwazy1 For 1. and 2. I figure that’ll mean taking the motor apart? I’ve never done that but I’m guessing that it can’t be too tricky? And for 3. Deffo not that. The mounting screws are the right length and it was notchy before fitting.

See if you can visually see any debris through the holes,taking them apart is easy though ben,if you have a 6374 it’s a little more tricky as the magnets are alot stronger on bigger motors,just watch your fingers when it snapps back in to place putting it back on! I had a noise in my new motor slight grinding noise! took it apart and there was a little bit of loose metal! Just cleaned it out,put it back together and now runs fine! Also don’t worry if you damage the c clips,there not really needed anyway I don’t use them anymore.