Notification Problem

So far this forum has been great but I recently came upon a problem and was not sure if is widespread. I load up the forum and it will say for example, I have two unread notifications from past threads. Then when I click on unread, it will say I only have one notification. Just want to make sure I am not missing any notifications. Does anyone else have this problem? (And I have tried on multiple computers, same problem). Thanks for any help.

The problem is not necessarily for posts on your own thread, but posts from others than end up in the “unread” section.

I believe it has to do with the new chat feature. If there is new chat messages, the forum counts them as a new unread topic so it shows a number one higher than is actually there from past threads if that makes sense. Next time you have this problem look and see if the chat number is blue, if it is then it is your issue of miscounted unread notifications.

Yep, thats what it was. Thanks for the help.

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