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NoWinds first commercial Board : Leiftech E-Snowboard

Thought about a really long time… Was not that happy to buy something RTR, normally building stuff by myself

Last impuls i needet was @okp last video from his progression on his Leif Awesome Bro, you got my biggest respect for this!

Got my hands on a nearly brand new Leif, it was sold by a guy who dont get on with it/ short on time… Anyways i shoot the bullet and it arrived on Thursday :sunglasses:

Dont mounted the Freeboard bindings actually, better for getting on with it… easier to jump off :wink:

Yeah what should i say… i expected that it gets hard to get on with it! But it was harder in the end that i thouht :kissing_closed_eyes:

The first Battery felt like balancing on a piece of soap…

After the third Battery i get an idea of it… Man this thing ROCKZ as hell, totally felt in love with this multi directional drif and sliding machine :heart_eyes:

What i dont liked from beginning was the fact that the countersunk screws arent sitting in a countersunk :sweat: just screws flat on the Top, looking out of the Deck really ugly The bigger ones on the left i already sunked at this point from mine… no big deal but dont know why it should be done by the customer …

Battery Number 5 :

One bearing killed by driving… replaced fast with parts of my Fibretech longboard

Battery 7: Got some bad noise from the Drivetrain… one of the tiny HTD3 Belt was dead

228mm length belt in this size are not available at my known sources in Germany… Ordered some 225mm ones from “mädler” right now Starting in my kitesurf holidays on the eastsea tomorrow, ordered the belts to the camping place :kissing_closed_eyes:

Hope for a direct fit of the slightly shorter Belts to get on this amazing board again really quick :yum:

Let me say again this Leiftech e-Snowboard brings a BIG FAT grine to your face :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah mate ! double check that the pulleys (motor/wheel) are not moving. Great thing is that you’re gonna modify it soon !

Looks good. What power motors do you think they use on their boards? Cool closeup pics, first time I had the chance to look at more detailed pictures of its parts.

scorpion motors around 400kv

Freebording is super tricky at first but you’ll just suddenly “click”, kinda like riding a bicycle. Having the bindings on will also make it much easier. You need them for fine edge control.

Here’s a great intro tutorial that helped me a ton:

Good luck!


Nice review. I’ve wanted one of these since I first saw them. I’m surprised (and not surprised) that you broke things in such short order, but at least they’re easily fixable mechanical items and not electrical. I’ll be curious to see how this board holds up for you over the long term.

I’m picking up a used Freebord this weekend, so starting slow and unpowered might be a good idea. I’m also toying with the idea of hooking up a tow rope to my drift trike and having my daughter tow me around.


Oh, and I’ll start saving my money for the soon to be released
E-Toxx (LEif-Toxx™) "All-Terrain Motorized Caster"™ Drive System
"A-ToMiC Drive"™ System
"E.T.'s AToMiC Propulsion System"™
"E.T.'s AToMiC Power System"™

or whatever @nowind wants to call it. (I hope) :wink:

I’m thinking tank treads or something like MBS AT 100mm wheels for the caster wheels and little pneumatic wheels (@psychotiller?) for the outrigger wheels. Would this even be possible?


OKP have you got the hang of it to be riden as the crazy downhill freebord guys?

:grinning: Was just thinking about using a tow rope.

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@Nowind I’d love to see one of your crazy videos when you are an Leiftech expert rider

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Hey Guys, sorry for late reply… chilling in my holidays and have really bad internet connection

Yeah i will do from now on more regulary. What do you have modified? I saw you made an new and nice CF Lid, anything else? Did you have a thread on your ?

Thanks for the link, its a good tutorial for sure… Still riding it without bindings, but will add soon

Thanks mate, yeah unfortunaly i´m so good in destroying parts (-;

HaHa great names buddy, but this shit is patented from Leiftech… but great idea anyways!

In the meanwhile my replacement belts arrive on my campingplace :smile:

Its a direct fit without problems, the 3mm shorter length then stock is no problem.

Have to tighten the setscrew from the wheelpulley, this one is NOT metric its imperial :

Added a small rope to the Remote to secure it to my whrist :

Go out for a ride now (-;


How handy u got your tools with you on the trip :smiley:

Happy riding then :wink:

still enjoy the in-detail pics about this machine :smiley:

Where are you @Nowind?
Bin auch gerade an der Ostsee.


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Yeah was really happy about this special one… from RC times left and still in the car… happy me :smile:

Hey Frank, ich bin in Loissin… next to Greifswald
Where are you?

Loissin, that’s my home spot! I’m on the other side, Rügen Göhren. You could see me waving arms!


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Loissin is your Homespot? Kidding me?
Got a trailer here for about 3 years now :wink:
Have to meet here next time for sure!

Yeah i´m looking right to Rügen over the Greifwalder Bodden…
Nice sunny weather

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The other side is exactly where I am.
Loissin rules!



Nice, as you are neighbours please give Nowind two Vesc6, I want his opinion about them for emtb! (in particular compared to the Roxxy 12S ESC) :grinning:


He had the pleasure already…
I’ll post two over to give home more time playing with them.


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@Nowind: No wind.

Time for E-boosting!