Numbers on belts, what do they mean?

what does the number on belts for electric skateboard mean?

This is saying 5M - 275

The 5m refers to the pitch. The three digit number refers to the length in millimeters.

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For this particular question 5M is belt standard (tooth pitch, 5mm in your case) and 275 is the belt length. From these two you can directly derive the number of teeth (55).

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It does not say anything about the width?

You are correct. None of the belts I have are indicated by a width marking.

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No width info but you have a picture :slight_smile:

14 pixels = 5mm, 1px = 0.357mm 27 pixels = 9.6mm

It is pretty safe to say it is 9mm belt.

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Wau , that is so cool, thank you !

@Tycho is that the Hobby King set?


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