Nunchuck disconnects when accelerating

hello there! :slight_smile:

this summer I upgraded my battery from 6S to 10S and since then I got disconnects when accelerating, using my nyko kama.

when I move the stick slightly, everything works fine. when I push the stick more than like half way at once it comes to a disconnect (no matter how fast I already ride), I see my nunchuck blinking and the board just continues accelerating due to timeout setting set to 1000ms.

I tried different settings of timeout, to make this incident seem a little less scary while riding, but there must be some kind of interference with the wiiceiver and the amps that get to the motor.

I recently used my nunchuck with an arduino + wiiceiver, but as the arduino broke, I just connected the nyko receiver directly to the vesc, that changed nothing. Then I tried with 2.4ghz ppm, worked just fine, no disconnects. :thinking:

Tried to put the receiver in different positions and places in my enclosure, even out of it, but nothing changed. I hope that the problem may be to solve by using the vesc tool and lower some parameters, but Iโ€™m not quite sure what to change honestly.

hoping for your help, thanks!

I made a few screens from the vescโ€™s realtime data, maybe helpful to fix the problem.

first 3 screens are with the nunchuck from 0 to half/full throttle, for so long till the nunchuck reconnects and I was able to stop. The last one is in ppm mode with a 2.4ghz remote where it seems to work just fine. (I went to full throttle, then released to see if the vesc stops accelerating, then went full throttle again - thats why there are 2 peaking curves in that screen)

vesc%20throttle vesc%20throttle1 vesc%20throttle2 vesc%20ppm