NXboards, we are here to connect with the community and pick up some feedback!

NX boards is an upcoming esk8 company based out of the US, our goal is to build DIY boards that are also plug-and-play, we also want to build some of the more underappreciated boards like race boards and mountain boards. We want to make sure our first board is something that is wanted by the community.

Currently, we are making a DIY-grade mountain board. the entire board is focused on being lightweight for jumping. We will be releasing one at the lower price of around 1200 and a higher-end model at around 1800.

Both have similar internals but the higher-end version will have matrix 3 trucks, a higher-end deck, and higher-end wheels. We will offer an upgrade kit at later times so you can upgrade your base to a pro.

The board will be very modular and built for upgrading. If that’s upgrading through our parts or DIY parts that are up to you. We will always support modding, we know how much it sucks not being able to upgrade your board. Ehem onewheel.

The jumper version will have a very lightweight 12s2p battery. You will get about 10 miles so easily enough for hitting the pump tracks and parks but not the best for street riding and endurance so at later times we will also be offering a 12s6p pack. We may also have a battery buyback system but we are still working that out.

Looking forwards to hearing what you guys think

Keep shredding

what kind of deck are you thinking?


The “owner” of NXBoards Arlo Churchill is pretending to be different people on IG and deleting posts outing him. This could be the next Jedboards, people.