NYC Battery Supplier Part2

I’ve been in contact with a few suppliers in China for flat electric skateboard battery packs and worked out an offer for Samsung 30Q 12s4p battery packs for as low as 250 usd. The original offer was for a test batch of 5 battery packs was 270 each, but I was allowed an offer of 2 12s4p (44.4v 12ah) Samsung 30Q packs for 270 instead.

I am personally not looking to spend 540$ on my own for an extra pack I do not need. So if anyone is willing to try out this supplier with me to complete the 2 minimum required purchase that would be great.

Keep in mind this is a risk, I’m willing to take. If this works out who ever purchased the pack with me would have access to the supplier aswell and could buy from them at this amazing price for as long as they like.

Max dimension: 48 * 145 * 360mm or customized Custom discharge connector: XT90, XT60

This is for NYC builders only. If you’re from out of state pm me and maybe we can work something out so you can get your pack(s).

I’m trynna finish my jet spud build quick so someone hit me up :triumph:.

Also you don’t have to order a 12s pack, you can do 11s 10s etc.