Nyko Kama and Receiver Connection

Hello, I soldered the nyko kama to a JST and connected it to the VESC. When i turn my battery on the there is no light turning on from the receiver? Any ideas as to why that may be? I have triple checked my connection. Maybe i messed up the soldering?

Picture of soldering please.

@arpitdave are any of the wires shorting? You should heat-shrink those connections after you make them.

Closer to the solder joints please.

If you’re using a VESC with a HW version higher than 4.10 it will have a 7-pin header. You’re using a 6-pin plug, so you need to plug it in to one side of the header an leave the 7th pin (closest to the MOSFETS) open. Are you 100% certain you’re plugging it in to the correct side of the header ?

So I attached a few more pictures here. I put electrical tape around all the connections after taking these pictures. I plugged the JST in so that the green wire is closest to vesc side that connects to the motor. I am not sure where I could have errored. I am still not getting a light coming from this small pcb when i plug it in and turn the battery on :confused:


Get some shrink tubing next time…looks neater …

In this case it is not even about looks: with wires exposed like this, it will simply never work.

I’d say you shorted it.

I’m in the know as I’ve just done the same thing, RIP Nyko