Nyko Kama Not Connecting to Receiver

I soldered my kama receiver directly onto my 4.12 VESC and cant get the nunchuck to pair with the receiver. The receiver continually flashes red and the remote will flash red for a few seconds after pressing the S button and then the light goes out. Does anyone know how to get the two in sync and get it to be recognized in bldc?

it should sync as soon as you press the button… something is wrong… post pictures. do you have another reciever? or someone else nearby with one that you can test?

The light on the kama receiver continually flashes red. The nunchuck will stay red if i hold the S button down. If i tap it once, itll blink for 5-10 seconds and then eventually stop with no indications of being sync’d. Is there a way to pair the nunchuck to the receiver or do they come already paired?

the aren’t paired as such, they pair every time you press the S button. its a little hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like the wiring is all correct. have you checked the continuity of the data and clock wires to the VESC? and make sure the two sandwiched boards in the reciever aren’t split on the end. they are only held together by a tiny bit of solder on the edge.

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I went ahead and checked all solder connections as well as continuity in the data and clock wires. Everything is connected correctly. Could it be a faulty receiver or nunchuck?