Nyko Kama soldered for VESC 20.00 plus shipping

Selling Nyko Kama- I bought this soldered it up and it worked on my board until I made a fiber cover. I took the shrink wrap off so you could see it and the hot glue came off so I will need to put the glue back on.

Where are you located ? And did you have any connection issues ?

Im in Dublin CA (northern CA by San Francisco)

No connection issues till I closed it up in carbon. I would take my kids on a ride and it started hesitating an I didnt want to chance it. I liked it better than any of the other remotes I have had, if I had the time to make it work I would.

Mhmm… I’d need a remote for my build but am located in Germany, Europe. Guess it won’t be worth with shipping added…

I am not sure how much they are going for in Germany but probably not worth the shipping.

I will take it, pm you for shipping

Sold and shipped