Occasional binding issue with quantum 2.4Ghz Tx & Rx System

I have many very happy miles on my build so far but occasinally I have a very odd issue with my Tx & Rx System. I am using Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System connected to vesc.

Here’s the issue… Sometimes when turning remote on and also turning vesc on the Tx & Rx System just simply doesn’t bind. It has happened 3 times now. I had my entire board taken apart in the home depot parking lot stumped as to why my Tx & Rx System failed me. I reassembled everything with no binding success and start manually pushing back. I randomly decide to try binding again a few minutes into pushing and it connected!!!

I briefly thought about what the potential problem could be and the only thing I could think about was radio interference from the automatic doors causing binding issues. Each time I had binding issues was at a store with these style doors.

Has anyone else had similar binding issues or am I just crazy?

I currently have two GT2B’s, and never once have they failed to bind. Haha then again, I don’t think I’ve turned on my board near automatic doors so that may just be the case!

I’m interested to see what @lowGuido has to say because I believe he was testing a couple different 2.4ghz remotes…

It’s honestly the only cause I can think of?!?! I may give the GT2B a try but Id rather just wait for the enertion system. Pretty excited about trying it out on my next build!

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agreed; it looks pretty sweet

The quanum controller is notorious for random binding issues. I have a couple in boxes for that very reason. Junk.

I have got to say, due to my absolute disdain for the trigger style transmitters I avoid using the quanam at all costs.


when I have used the quanam I never had any binding issues. One thing that I did notice though is that you have to turn on the transmitter first and then the receiver in order for it to connect.

I really wont skate without the Nyko kama unless I have no other choice. it just shitts me that I cant buy them in Australia and its more than double the cost of the item to ship one here. I was pretty excited to see the enertion remote, and then I was upset, and then I was excited again, and then I was bummed that its so damn expensive, that I could literally buy 5 Kama’s and ship them for the same price.

TLDR: after all my testing I still swear by the Kama, but my search will continue for the ultimate transmitter…


Dang! I was hoping I was on to something haha.

Definitely junk. Also goes through AAA’s like no tomorrow

Thanks for the tip! I may just have to try the nyko Kama. but because the vesc is so sensitive I’m not anxious to give it a try

@Alex did you test for any board reciever interference with the Tx off while near the door with the board on? I know in the US they limit the motion detection frequencies for all of those types of doors to the following: 10.500 – 10.550 GHz (X band) 24.050 – 24.250 GHz (K band) 33.4 – 36.0 GHz (Ka band) 13.400 – 13.500 GHz (Ku band): not used in U.S. — Not sure what they have there but these have occasionally sent interference to other R/C toys I have used in the past.

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“leave your troubles at the doorstep…”


no binding issues, battery lasts for days on end, ridiculously reliable even when it hits the street and the housing breaks it will keep working. for $25 you really can’t beat it.


While the Tx & Rx System is connected nothing disrupts the signal. When disconnecting then attempting to reconnect is when I have the issue. thanks for the list of frequencies. Very interesting. It seams as though the quantum system just sucks as everyone has stated. looks likes its time for an upgrade

I’m in the same boat… My tx/rx system never got to work at all… I just waisted the entire evening coming to this conclusion… I just hoped there was a way to fix the problem. Just momentarily at least, since I am very eager to get my first build done! :heart_eyes:

I have the Quanum pistol remote and every 4-5th time I turn the board on, it stops connecting and I have to rebind it. It’s so annoying… I think i’ll have to get an enertion remote


i just connected my quantum receiver to my vesc (new focbox from enertion), and the only way for me to activate the motor is to turn the wheel on the side of the remote (which is weird…), the throttle underneath the remote doesn’t work. Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem??

The quanum controller/receiver is junk. If you look it up you’ll find several people had major issues with it. It’s one of if not “the” worst controller for eskate.

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