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Off Center Wheel Pulley

So with me being stupid I guesstimated the center of the wheel for the pulley. I mounted it on permanently and whenever I spin the wheel it moves slightly. Will this effect anything to significantly? Should I be worried about my belt?

Let’s go to the video tape :point_right:t2::film_projector:

If it’s slightly off, you’ll be fine 1-4mm maybe. But if it’s really off, you’ll have issues 5-10mm (big difference).

Depending on how far its off, the pulsing will do a couple of things.
-Your belt may skip. Will wear out fast.
-Your mount will be flexing at a high rate of speed which isn’t good for aluminum. It will break.
-Will also wear out your motor bearings prematurely.

What do you think? is this too bad?

Lol oh shit son… That’s not good

Edit: I have nothing positive or constructive to say abt this thread lol


Yeah that’s pretty bad. I know somebody’s going to blast me for saying so, but that’s way off.

Yeah, no good.

Unbolt everything.

The way you bolt it in is;

  1. 3 Adajacent bolts from the “pulley side” towards the front of the motor. This will seat the pulley 100% flat as the bolt will thread into the core.
  2. Add the retainer on the front
  3. Opposite 3 Adjacent bolts from the front into the pulley.
  4. Remove the first original 3 bolts and go from the front.

This should get it spot on.

Also you want to make sure that the axle nut is on otherwise it will always wobble of course.

I would hate to be the belt riding that pulley…

Now that doesn’t look good :wink:
So how is it permanently mounted? Can’t you unscrew it?

Who in the right mind would blast you for saying this was way off? Lol It’s like watching a mini solar system!

(Sorry @link5505 but it’s jacked up good)

Haha I just figured there would be someone that would come in talking about the perpetual benefits of pulse between spinning objects…or some shit like that


Yeah … The same day Stephen Hawkings buys an Evolve board

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Lots of blue loctite

Take a soldering pen to the head of the screw to heat it up. Once it’s sufficiently hot, try to unscrew it. Be careful not to get it too hot such that it melts your wheel or your gear.

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Yep heating will make that stuff mushy and loosen its grip @link5505