Off-Road E-Board 1 WD


Right now I have a “standard” e-board which consists of an Enertion VESC (the previous version to the FOCBOX), 2 LIPOs with 3s 5000mah and 35c each, an this motor: P51%20Motor%20Details%20(1)

And my question is:

I have another of these motors which Im not using, but because I would need a better battery and not one, but two FOCBOXs (because I dont think a FOCBOX and a VESC would work well via canbus), the cost of converting this board into a 2WD off-road board would be almost like building a new e-board exept for the controller and the motor, and I was wondering if with my actual specs, a single WD off-road board would be possible (I would be just a switch to a mountain board, but keeping the same electronics). And if not, would it be possible to just upgrade the battery by adding either 2 more batterys in paralel or 2 more batterys in series and converting that extra speed into torque through the gearing.

Thank you in advance

My first build 3 years ago was a semi offroad board woth 6s 60c 5000mah singel 190kv motor. It worked okay as an offroad board. But I can recommend dual drive. Never going back to singel again

You can use different vesc if they run the same firmware through can bus

You didnt even gave me time to change a couple things in my first message ahahahha, thank you for answering so fast and thank you for the advice :wink:

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And even if they are completely different in terms of construccion? I mean, the enertion vesc they used to sell a couple years ago looks nothing like the focbox

Sin problema, I was riding 2 completely different vesc from a different brand, all ok, no troubles.

Then I will probably try this out, now that the focbox is on sale. And it case it doesn’t work I will just use the focbox on my old board and sell my old vesc :joy:.

Thanks man!

That is the beauty of open source doesn’t matter who makes it it should all be made to the same spec to run the software. You really won’t have any issues unless you mix up a connection or something.

What are the biggest difference you experienced with single drive?

I only have tried dual, but I’m interesting in building a single drive just to reduce overall weight of the board.

I did a bit of off road with my last board, single drive, while it’s possible, you get stuck in almost everything

I rode is most packed dirt, but some parts have loose dirt / sand, the single drive simply stops.

My new dual drive, if you manage to keep your balance and accelerate it plows through. Booth board with 80mm kegels

One weekend I put some cheap 110mm off road wheels in the dual drive and it was amazing, just give power to it and it would go on relatively deep sand, but wheels were crap for road use and since I had to cut them to fit they lasted 20km before disintegrating