Offering new battery services (us only)


I’m sure most if not all of us have has an issue with a china made battery with no warranty service or support. Or own a pre-built that has a battery that won’t hold a charge anymore. We have started to take request on custom BY-PASS SERVICE and COMPLETE RE-BUILDS (if necessary)



By-pass service is the process of taking a battery pack ( most are the all in one brick type ) and rewiring it to discharge directly from the battery. While still retaining the charge/ balance function intact. Most if not all of the discharge through bms battery packs are chocked at 50a (low) and 80a (high). And as you climb in output the size of the BMS grows…

We have had great success building packs this way. You receive all your pack has to give and you regulate discharge with your ESC. With the by-pass service, we simply open your pack and re-wire it. Reseal in heat-shrink and test charge and discharge ( a visual inspection will be done at this time for any other issues ) This is a basic service we cannot bring packs back from the dead, but we can in most cases improve the overall performance of your pack. Please note: with the basic service you will need a replacement switch or loop key ( luna or Vedder type )
120$ by-pass breakdown: 120$ parts 20$ labor 80$ shipping 20$ total 120$


With this service, you get the basic by-pass, plus a nickel strip evaluation (for the correct current capacity) and reduction in pack bulk if in an all in one configuration. Separating the components like LED indicator, removing the e-switch (if present because it will no longer function due to discharge by-pass) and charge port so they can be placed on the exterior of the enclosure. the cells and bms are then repacked and sealed and the LED and charge port is a simple plug and go. the pack is then conditioned, balanced and tested for capacity. Heat shrink, rubberized coating. 180$ by-pass plus breakdown: 180$ parts 35$ Vedder switch 25$ labor 100$ shipping 20$ total 180$


We wish to offer UPGRADES for the majority of pre-built boards from EVOLVE TO RAPTOR 2. please pm with specific requirements. evolve upgrades are none- routing pm for details. Any scooter, E-bike or esc/bldc controlled PMV

With all our battery packs we use only the best and certified SAMSUNG 30Q CELLS. The supplier we use second to none in the quality of their cells out of thousands ordered NONE have been bad or off in volts from the rest of the order +/- .01v

We get the best results with these cells, we consistently reach 100% capacity and volts. Every pack built with the 30q reach the max volt. i.e. 10s =42v, we get 42v, 12s we get 51v, both +/- .20v.

If you have a battery pack that isn’t measuring up and the company you bought it from treats you like a fool, then contact us we can help. PM @hyperion1, @hyperion2 [email protected] [email protected]


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YES YES YES Can you also just build new packs for people?

Yes, to your needs. We custom fit if necessary. Flat packs, flex packs , batteries for segmented enclosures like trampa and la croix. Custom fitting and wiring as well. image image image image image image image image

That’s a YES

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Im all for upgrading boards but how do you plan to upgrade the Raptor 2 battery? It’s already using 30Q cells.

Well, it would be more of a service/ replacement senerio with that particular board. Replace cells for earlier version, etc. versus buying a new pack. The majority of other prebuilt boards we have already done upgraded batteries for. Packs that use the Samsung 30q ( not clones ) We really only do bypass on, maybe replace a cell or 2 if needed.

@Andrew1 just received his serviced pack 10s3p bypassed to direct discharge and reconfigured all in one. When you have had a chance to put it through some good runs, please let us know how it’s going and if it make a big difference?

Hey guys sorry for being so late to reply! I’ve just been riding non stop and have to many other projects I’ve been staying busy with! Anyway, the battery is awesome. It used to cut out on me from the previous bms that was in it. When it did, it was very abrupt and almost made me fall multiple times. It also lacked longevity of its power, in other words its bursts of power only lasted maybe 7-10 seconds untill the voltage sagged so bad that I couldn’t make it up the slightest of grades. Now, I can climb any hill on my 10 mile journey to and from work… these are real hills might I add, I’m not sure of the grade but they are ones that you can hit 35 mph going down on a normal long board. (Speaking from experience). I have only felt it sag a few times now when I’m really pinning the throttle for extended amounts of time, and now it doesn’t loose all of its power anymore. When it sag, (which now is very rare) it does so very smoothly and predictable. Over all the board feels much more intuitive and like a nice product, rather than a jimmy rigged diy project. Also I should mention, I used to have my max motor setting at 74a. my top speed at that rating was 31.9mph. I’m now running 40a and have reached 32.9mph. I’m not sure how much the battery has to do with the increase being that the smoothness of roads could have been the factor, but I can say that my new top speed was reached much more comfortably knowing I wasn’t going to have any hard shut off happening. Aside of the better all around performance, the battery is also now much smaller than before and is wrapped very nicely in a durable and soft shrink wrap. Also having all the pieces modular (i.e., the charging receptacle, power button, led screen etc. has been very nice and allowed me to mount the pieces to the enclosure and board themselves. Making for a much more clean and easy to use set up. Over all I’d reccommend the bms bypass to any Eskate enthusiast that is plagued by an under rated bms. I’m a very happy camper now! Thanks to @hyperIon1 for the awesome battery service and helping me get back to riding before the season is completely over :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Thank Andrew, We are happy to get you back on the road. @Rod12579 Your next…

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