Official SoCal Group Chat TELEGRAM / FB

Hey guys, I was wondering if there is an official socal group ride webpage or fb group set up. I see lots of group ride events set up but can’t seem to find any trace of the official group. If anyone knows anything, please let me know, thanks!

It depends where you are from. Here in Santa Cruz we have a page, but most of the time the page is is very closely related to a specific region.

@PredatorBoards has a san diego page on fb. Where in so-cal?

Find a local one :slight_smile: An official one doesnt really make sense because we’re spread across the globe

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I’m in OC area, I found DTLA and San Diego group but nothing for OC/Anaheim

honestly I’m just part of the Boosted Board Riders LA page a lot of cool dudes, a couple Evolve’s and DIY’s show up to the meetup’s

Start it up then!!!

I’m sure a lot of you know Joe “SoCal_Legend”. He’s an Evolve Ambassador and has set up a SoCal Chat where all Southern California group ride people can join.

Please join if you are IN Southern California so we can get together easier.

You have to download the “TELEGRAM” app. Sign up. THEN come back and click on the link below


@thisguyhere @LEVer @joeadams101 @chris.hunt @Exiledd_Top @psychotiller @mccloed @Titoxd10001

Please read above about the chat app and spread the word with anyone you know in SoCal so we can plan group rides!

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