Officially ranked #1 for keyword "Electric Skateboard Forum"

This might not mean much to anyone, But I personally thought it’s worth celebrating.

When you type “Electric Skateboard Forum” into google this website is now in number #1 position!

Several months ago It was my goal to create a dedicated eboard site, rich with the best information to educate people about electric skateboards! I wanted a place to hang out and share ideas and showcase our innovations! A place to promote & celebrate the latest esk8 technology, a place to incubate crazy new ideas! I wanted to build a community! I wanted to lay the foundations for a new Industry that any man/women with a garage and a dream could get involved with and perhaps change their lives.


For those who don’t understand how google works or why this ranking is important let me try to explain it, google bots crawl websites to read content, it then decides what websites are most relevant for a given subject and ranks them accordingly!

So basically Google thinks this website is the MOST relevant for information relating to building electric skateboards! This is really great news!

It wouldn’t be ranked so highly without the awesome members who are visiting the site and contributing! BRAVO MEMBERS!


Thank you Members!


Another big reason to switch over from ES is the interface: liking comments, not having super small photo restrictions, and an overall cleaner experience makes the forum look like it is from 2015; not 2005…

I also think even though there may be less overall people here than on ES (because ES is ebikes, electric cars, and many other electric things…) we are all still very active, and can have great discussions without people getting pissed off: it is just a lot more positive than (some of) the ES topics…

Not trying to slam ES too hard, as they were the first, but it just seems like it hasn’t changed at all while the world around it has… hense the old “classic” forum look.


You are doing an awesome job @onloop. I wouldn’t have joined if you didn’t ask me to in an email. Glad you did.

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In terms of the platform ‘Discourse’ is definitely much nicer than "phpBB’ which is what ES is running on, I can’t see them ever changing that! I imagine it would be very difficult porting it to a more modern platform.

Overall Discourse is really nice, has much more functionality & a cleaner UX… Also a much nicer mobile interface.

But I think the issue is more than just the platform, ES was never Focussed on Esk8. Scooters & Eboards was the same category for instance?!. That never made any sense to me, they needed to be split. Not to mention the category was a complete mess, it had lots of redundant threads, the info was hard to find… lots of new threads asking the same questions over & over… etc. I remember first finding that ES as a noob, trying to find all the info was painful. It took months.

I think It needed stronger leadership, I was willing to help but there was an obvious conflict of interest that wouldn’t work well for their management structure. So in the end I couldn’t sit idle, I felt compelled to create a new site, I wanted a place that was clean & tidy with accurate info that was easily digestible, people can ultimately decide where they want to hang out to learn about eboards.

It’s just nice to know google thinks this is the best place.

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Congrats @onloop
The user experience on this board is so smooth and user friendly its no wonder it has become first choice.


This is very exciting news indeed. We have started something seriously awesome here. Not only is this forum a great place to learn and get support with your esk8 projects, it really is an incubator like @onloop said. There are so many talented makers here, and because of the quality content you are all providing, you’re getting some valuable exposure every time somebody finds this place and realizes they’ll have to go no further to get answers.

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Congrat’ onloop !
It realy help people all over the world :wink:
France and Paris thanks you !
Its hard to get your parts to build a board in france with all the taxes etc… but the next one it will be a build with no “false economy” like you say ! and I agree !
But in any case, even if I was a new member, I come find a helpfull support here !
Many thanks to you

I just joined this forum. Compared to others I’ve tried this one is extremely modern with good activity. I hope to see this forum grow as electric skateboards rise in the consumer market . Cheers from California keep up the good work.