Oh California you break my heart

specifically calls out electric skateboards :frowning:

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That sucks on the plus side it’s some sort of recognition I guess, also at least it’s not exclusively prohibiting eskateboards :expressionless: Looks like a nice trail.

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State of california has fully legalized electric skateboards. “electrically motorized boards” and “motorized skateboards” are 2 different things in law. Going 20mph with a helmet is legal.

-I was wondering the same thing… do electric boards count as “motorized” or are they referring to “gas powered” skateboards?

For CA, they make a legal distinction between “motorized skateboard” and “electric skateboard”. However both gas and electric qualify to be “motorized skateboard”. If the board goes over 20mph or has motors over 1000w or hits a certain size limit, it’ll be classified a “motorized skateboard” and would be illegal nearly everywhere public. Boards that fall within those limitations are still considered “electric skateboards” and are legal pretty much everywhere bikes are allowed.


That’s good to know - do you have any idea what the size limits are?

313.5. An “electrically motorized board” is any wheeled device that has a floorboard designed to be stood upon when riding that is not greater than 60 inches deep and 18 inches wide, is designed to transport only one person, and has an electric propulsion system averaging less than 1,000 watts, the maximum speed of which, when powered solely by a propulsion system on a paved level surface, is no more than 20 miles per hour. The device may be designed to also be powered by human propulsion.

Entire bill here


It would be interesting to see someone build a 60 x 18 deck :laughing:


This also technically makes nearly all popular commercial boards illegal due to the watt limit, but no one’s going around measuring wattage while riding to prove it. Also iffy on what “average wattage” means.

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5 feet? that’s a lot of leeway. I suspect I’ll have to carry the text of that bill in my wallet when I’m riding.

Thanks for the citation, @Jinra

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damn you California, wasn’t taking away good guns and magazine enough?!

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And no one is actually going to care …I was riding on public streets in DOWNTOWN LA during rush hours, and COP’s never looked at me once.

Thx @Jinra! I wonder if police are receiving training in identifying wattage? I’m so interested in how CA handles all this because I’m sure they will be a model for other states in the future.

In practice/reality, Can folks use an eSK8 in a “no motorized boards” area if you remain below 20MPH and are respectful of others on a trail? (even if your wattage exceeds that 1000w threshold)? @DougM did you ride the trail?

@NAF Yea no one really cares. I’m curious on what “average wattage” is though. If you have a 2000w motor and a 1w motor on there, would that mean you have an “average wattage” of 1000w?


haha good loop hole just add a little phone vibrator motor on there and bring the “average” down :slight_smile:

Speed and noise would have been more relevant indicators to monitor than Watts. Why didn’t the authors of this bill consult us haha?

where in california is this trail?

The trail was in Monterey - probably the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail. It looked like great riding - really wide, not a lot of people on it.

Sadly I didn’t have the board with me.

I was riding on the road in the middle of the night and got pulled over by police in Cali. They tried to scare me by saying “have you ever been to jail before,” After they just told me to put on some damn lights and were impressed when I told them it does 30+mph and let me go with a warning I guess


If you look at the text for individual code, they’re not really targeting Esk8 but pretty much any form of transportation except bikes on this trail (CVC 21207.5; CVC 23127, MCC 22-12.5), even manual skateboard (MCC 22-14)

Except California Vehicle Code 21968 - basically says no motorized skateboard, but Electrically Motorized Board is NOT a motorized board (CVC 313.5): this is targeting old school gas powered board as it is written in 1959 and was amended 2016

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The question will be- How quickly can you change your remote into beginner mode? Sure officer, give it a try. :slight_smile: Nothing over 20mph to see here.

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