Oh sh!t my motor screw!

Right lets get one thing out the way, I FUCKED UP so please don’t kill me for that :rofl: I know this is a newbie mistake. so the problem I’ve got is that one of the motor screw is completely obliterated. It wasn’t so bad at first so I cut a line in it thinking I could then back it out with a flat head. that failed. I think oh ok I will just try cut another line making an + in the screw and then try back it out again with the flat head

This is the part when I messed up, and after about an hour and a half of getting pissed of at it, I come and turn it into whatever you call this.

IMG_0259%202 !IMG_0258

Wera wrenches. Get them


Looks like you might need to drill it out. Bummer. Cover everything with tape to keep the metal bits out. In the future, try to stick to socket cap screws, and grab a set of wera hex-plus keys! Edit: what he said :point_up:


If you’re worried about trying to cut it and metal shavings getting in the motor you can try and J-B Weld a nut on top of it. Just make sure you let the J-B Weld cure properly


I think you can still save it. Use a dremel cutting wheel and make a line right here. Go deeper than those other slots you tried to do.


EDIT: Once you make the slot, if you have one of these use it to remove the screw with a flathead bit.




i think i will try @Skunk idea just because it seems the least risky.

Those will only help you to not round out future bolts.

EDIT: I thought you meant the wrenches. If you mean the JB weld…don’t do that. I can almost guarantee it wont work.


I’ve done it on header bolts on the block of an engine. not sure why it wouldn’t work in this application.


could you also use solder to fix a nut to it? or would it not be as strong?

There’s a chance it works if you get it perfectly clean and rough it up a little… It just takes way longer, and if it fails your left with a mess. Making a slot takes about 1 minute.

I’d rather do it slow then risk getting metal shavings in my motor but I guess that’s just me

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blue tape. done.

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i don’t have a dremel. it failed twice with the slot trick.

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Plenty of people have made the slots here without getting metal in the motors it’s not hard.

But go ahead and use the glue if you don’t have the tools.

Bolts like this are usually stuck from the red loctite. I always try to heat them up first with a heat gun or hair dryer.


its stuck with BLUE loctite the one that just holds it in place until it needs to be removed. I’ve heard that the heat from a heat gun can ruin the seals on my sealed motors

Don’t use the heat gun if you are using the JB weld method.

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That’s the motor mount screw correct? Why not just cut the top of that screw off completely unscrew the other 3 and just remove the stud with a pair of vice grips or needle nose pliers???


That will be the most practical way to get it done!

Don’t worry about. Your not the 1st, won’t be the last. You get a badge from @onloop after you have to cut slots in 20 motor screws.


Some on esk8fr put paper just before the tool and … it work (a white piece of paper, simply) ^^ Maybe for the motor pulley, for the mount … dam Fiori solution looks like the only one if you don’t want to drill/cut them off.

Edit: ha, I see you don’t have Dremel !.. sorry

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