Oh sh!t my motor screw!

If you don’t have any power tools to cut a line on the screw head. How about just use a matel saw. I don’t it b4 and it work. Another ways is tape the motor up and drill the screw head out.

Yeah man, small slot, flat head screwdriver easy removal.

Not an issue getting shit in your motor. Painters tape, or literally anything will work.

Oh yeah, get better bolts too!

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Gospel right there. I’m fond of the pan head zinc oxide m4x10 bolts. They don’t rust and loctite works better on zinc than stainless. The slots twist out easier though, so you need quality wrenches.

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Don’t use glue at all; it won’t work. Use JB Weld or another epoxy.

Make sure you mix equal amounts of “steel” and “hardener” and mix (I use a toothpick) very thoroughly, then mix twice as long once you think you’re done mixing. Apply and wait >30 hours without touching the nut.

Then try slowly and steadily increasing the force until hopefully it breaks loose

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Can try hammering in a torx bit that almost fits. A junk one you’re willing to sacrifice.


Saved me some times much work :slight_smile: i can recommend the approach

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Ive used these a million times and they never fail me

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The easiest and most common way of getting a bolt like this out is to just use a drill.

Get a drill bit that’s the same size of the screw and drill it through till the cap comes off or is weakened enough for you to pop it off.

Then just take the threaded stud out once you remove the motor.

I’ve done this countless times on all sorts of things before. Just put tape around your motor vents/bearings. Ez pz.


I’m still trying to get it out! :rofl: once I have got it out I think I will replace it with these bolts so I don’t get this problem again. https://www.accu.co.uk/en/torx-flanged-button-screws/485252-SHBF-M4-10-A4-BL

Don’t use stainless steel screws if you don’t like stripped heads.


Look for 12.9-Class Alloy Steel.

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Dude have a look at getting Torx M4 bolts, use quality tools to install & remove and leave this shit behind

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