Oh where have they gone?

Where have all the US group buys gone? Has everyone bought everything they need or is it that we have taken everything of the selves in bulk? Maybe we r just broke? I guess just wondering :pensive:

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I would assume that its due to the fact that US has more stores, with better prices.

A motor decent motor can be 200 dollars at times over here in the EU, where same type would be just a 120 in the US.

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Dude, what motor costs 200$ anywhere??? Maybe at some guy reselling stuff labeled for esk8 they got from china for 50$

Maybe from evolve after they put their logo on a Racerstar motor and say ots 150kv but it really is 140kv so no one becomes the wiser lol hahaha

Or maybe in the EU people have to pay more taxes and VAT and stuff like that for thongs imported in? Maybe?

a maytech 190KV 6374 selead motor is €149.99 on sale, thats around 185 USD .

We have to pay way more tax, i pay around 40% of my total income in my entire life on taxes.

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Where do you live lol Isnt the highest tax in eu around 30%

@Lumaci it’s actualy 159 eur i think

I live in Denmark, and our tax rates for buying is 25% or so, but we also pay tax of the income and i pay around half of what i earn.

€169.99 when its not on sale, currently on sale.

I got mine for €120 was lucky

Yeah i got mine at 120 as well but i have to buy another now :stuck_out_tongue: the 30 more eur are a pain heh On a side note denmark taxes are around 60 % ? When in france we complain about taxe at 56 % they say danish are at 60 and don’t complain lol

Its a bit different from person to person, but 0 % to 59 % is around what we pay, i pay around 40% - 50% since i only earn just above the minimum amount a month to pay that.

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Ok so you have kind of scale system like us i see !

That sucks big ones man even if you go on a group buy can’t you get them at that price?

I would most likely still have to pay import fees / duty, and i would loose good customer support.

I think its fine paying a bit more to know your in safe hands with local support.

Yep. Taxes in Denmark on personal income can as high as 65% depending on your income size… I guess that must be hard to believe for you 'Mericans? :smiley:

Where did you buy from

I think we need another bms/charger group buy since they are hard to find here in the US. :us: Or just people loaded? :thinking: Heard rumor that Trump is going to increase tariff on metals, so we’ll see about that.


For 2$ more or so I can ship to US, since i buy a lot of bmss I do group buys often