OIL filled VESC container

Hey guys, I work in the oil and gas industry piloting and working on ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) AKA remotely controlled submarines. We use oil to fill some electrical housings which is positively compensated with oil compensators. The oil protects the housings since its a liquid and can’t be compressed like a 1 atmosphere housing. In addition the oil dissipates heat.

My question is has anyone ever tried to fill a housing with oil and place a VESC in it to see how the vesc performs? I’m just being curious.


What a question! I doubt anyone has filled a Vesc in some kind of oil container. Probably explode!

We have plenty of electronics on the sub in oil. The oil is non conductive.


Seems like an interesting way of cooling vesc’s.

What would happen if the oil started boiling :joy: ??

the stuffs like mineral oil, it doesn’t conduct electricity, only heat. people are making pcs now that are cooled with mineral oil


Tellus 22, Royal purple 22 and WD40 are all non conductive as well. We use Royal purple 22 on our ROV’s.


Silicone oil?

nope the closest thing to it is vegetable oil.

I recall a discussion recently about doing this. I think in the end it was decided that without a pump to move the oil and an active radiator (perhaps fan cooled fins?) the oil would just heat up to the point where it became detrimental to the vesc, because of how small the enclosure is.

Perhaps someone with more experience could chime in.

I saw someone filling Flipsky 6.6 with oil…


Ah man, this happened to me once in a former life. HPA for a radar cooked itself in its oil… it was like a deep fat firer! :joy:

Isn’t it going to be heavy? I know Linus complained about the mineral oil pc being super heavy.

You’re probably only going to need between 10 to 20 oz to fill a container.

what about home made olive oil?

I got a notification for a linked post. I took Flipsky SECS 6.6 with the aluminium case and filled it with oil. It works at 36V as expected from learning about it for pc cooling. I haven’t been able to do any running tests because it leaks from places I still have to seal with automotive RTV. I realize doing this may become problematic if resoldering the DRV8301 or MOSFETs for repairs. I should have also added an auto drain bolt for easy oil maintenance.

I still have to test this on a alternator I converted for a future build for a chibi kart with skateboard parts.


There was some oil-cooled mining rigs back in the day in largish containers, esk8 worth it& possible?

would be interesting to see, please post your results

Sounds messy and gross to me. :face_vomiting:

How do you seal all the wires perfectly? Does each wire have to come out through a cable gland, these things are pretty bulky. image

Submarine, eh? That’ll be the name we are going to use from now on when someone comes with a VESC oil container for Esk8 applications using oil to fill electrical housings. New jargon boys: the Submarine:point_down:

I love it!


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