Ok I think I think have everything?

Hey guys… I’ve been reading, researching etc… Let me know what you think so far…

Usage: General riding, no tricks, just an easier way to get from point a to b, and also chill riding over longer distances.

Board: https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/decks/72261/landyachtz-2017-switch-40-longboard-skateboard-deck-w-grip

Trucks: Caliber 2 fifty 10 inch

Wheels: MBS All Terrain Black 100mm

Motors: Dual Turnigy 6354 260kv motors. Should fit in the 10 inch caliber II trucks

Motor Mounts: two of these: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/

Motor Pulleys: Still looking for a source for these, But probably as 17/33. Tonight I’ll review some sites that peeps suggested.

VESC: Dual VESC-X. I will indeed limit the ERPM to 60,000, or a touch lower if required.

Battery: 10s8p 18650 cells. With BMS should come to around $270 USD Including charger.

Remote: Still have to research, recommendations are welcomed :smiley:

Belts: Not sure yet. That’s the next step to research.

I had created a couple separate threads about the diff items. This is wht i’ve come up with in all those convos lol

For the remote I would suggest, Benchweel, or the GT2B.

Belt wise I would wait until you get the motor mount and pulleys, that way you can measure out a relatively accurate center distance and the buy belts accordingly, otherwise you’ll be guessing, I made that mistake and gotta spend another $25. No biggy.

Curious, do we have an app to measure that distance?

You can either go with the farthest distance from the center of the axle side to the approximate location of the motor shaft and call that your center distance. Or you can make a CAD model of the mount and find the distances. My advice would be to get the mounts and motor, mock it up, then measure.

https://sdp-si.com/eStore/CenterDistanceDesigner That’s a good calculator that I have used before. From there. You can get the belt length and number of teeth based on the three key information you put into the calculator. 1.# of teeth on motor pulley 2.# of teeth on wheel pulley And 3.center distance Then just Google a belt like that.

With the Torqueboards motor mount which is 45mm center to center 15/36T pullies you will need 265mm belt, on the same mount and 15/40T you will need 280mm belt, on 15/33T 255mm would be perfect


With 260kv motors and a 10s battery you will loose a lot of performance value. I would go with 190kv motors, DIy sells some great 6355 190kv motors.

I have had great experience with Kaly’s 230kv 6355 motors on 10s. Speed is great and no worries about frying my drv.

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@multiplexor if you don’t mind, could you post the link to the bms you chose? I’m looking to build a 10s4p 18650 pack and am shopping around :slight_smile:


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