Old enertion pneumatic wheels

I bought a set of Enertion pneumatic wheels without motor pulley’s a while ago. I didn’t get the pulley’s because at the time I only wanted to use the wheels with a kite on the playa. With the wheels at the correct psi there was so much rolling resistance it sucked, so I pumped up the tires way beyond the limit and had fun all day, but that was about all they lasted, tires got shredded. I am wondering if anyone knows where to get tires with less rolling resistance for these rims, and where would I get wheel pulley’s, and what size?

I’m not sure about the tires, but weren’t the wheel pulley’s custom machined?

I have the Skike pneumatics and notice roughly half the range than I got with the Orangatangs. Pumped them to 6.3bar - what does shredded mean?

Destroyed, rocked to death…

to be more specific: I know what the word means! But how does a tire look like that got pumped too hard and ridden on a skateboard? No idea what to look for on mine - that is why i am asking…

Something like this (especially the white part)

If you are going to shred such tires even more the tube itself can stick out of the tire :smiley: i had this one time before with some cheap mtb-wheels

and that does not happen when not fully pumped? Looks to me like just normal wear on soft rubber tires

If you decrease the pressure you increase the friction -> the tire wears out faster :wink:

I pumped them up so hard that the seam down the middle just took a shit. I would like to possibly find some stiff, durable, low volume tires to put on there…

What dimensions are the current ones as that will help guide us?