Old laptop battery and BMS


I wanna ask that can I use old laptop’s batteries to build 10S4P battery? And I found this for BMS. Is it okey or not ?


If it are all the same batteries, in theory yes. But don’t bother doing that. They surely can’t put out the needed amps. As for the bms, yes but mind that it’s capped at 25 amps, which isn’t a lot.

Unless each cell can deliver 10+A which they cant you can build a pack out of those

You will just waste your time and money


If you looking for a 10s 4p pack maybe look into hoverboard batteries. They normally come in 10s 2p so you will need two in parallel. They also come with there own BMS built-in. Most of them I have seen use Samsung 25r cells so not the best but will do if you’re on a tight budget.

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@Octave It can be good because I am trying to save money. Thanks for this advise

If I take this battery, what kind of troubles can I experience ?


Only 20 amp output max.

You will get a very weak board.

No, 20 amps at 36v is 720w, which is very powerful.

No, they come in 3s 2p, and the BMS isn’t even in the laptop. Why would you pretend you know about this subject when you clearly don’t?

I run 40 amps.

20 is my eco mode :rofl:

Just get good cells you won’t regert

What are ur motors, board size and weight, I suppose that will affect it quite a lot

6364 keda motor.

I believe 36+ inches board. 7 kilos? I weigh 75 kilos

Most off the builders use at least 60A. I am going to run my board on 140A

Which one are you speaking about? :slight_smile:

Id love to collect the temperature/voltage/VESC settings/data from your rides if thats possible o3o

If you have a build thread for it, just link me. Ill do the digging :slight_smile:

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Laptop? I was talking about hover board batteries. Please read a comment thoroughly before trying to insult someone.

It’s a trampa board.

8” wheels 72t-15T gears 190kv 6880 motors Unity Battery is currently a 12s4p with Sanyo 20700b. I am going to upgrade this to a 12s4p with Samsung 40T.


Nice edit, bub. Missed me with that sneaky. Off u pop.