Old post that is deleted

Everything is in pretty much brand new condition. I bought a 12s4p pack so I’m selling my first build. Literally has about 30 miles on it.

TB on/off $40

B6 chargers with power cord - $30 ( each charger has extra charging Plugs, xt60 direct charging cord then 2 parrelle charging boards one is xt60, other is banana plugs )

I have 4 turnigy 5s 5000mah lipos, 20c with max 30c discharge. All have xt60 connectors. $30 a piece or $100 for all 4

4mm HXT series connectors, changed from banana plugs to deans so you can run each pack in series for 2, 10s1p packs.

Will add pics when I get home. Will not pay any shipping and only US unless you want to pay shipping.

I live in Orlando, Fl. I wouldn’t rather sell it on her before I post on eBay :pray:t3:

Are the chargers still available? Do you ship to europe/Belgium?

i like to buy 2 lipos, will pay Ship to Toronto canada. but could u quote me how much would that be?

Yes I do. I would have to calculate the shipping, pm me so I can send you pictures and if you buy both… I can just send you every connector, Charging boards that I have.

Yes, let me get a price quote on my lunch break today!

You still interested? Sorry I’ve been very busy…

yeah still interested the 2 lipo batteries

I’m interested in the other two.

Ok so $60 and $25 to ship. I can do $80 shipped to you in Toronto. Do you have Facebook? Message me so we can figure out payment, shipping and etc. I’m looking to ship on my lunch break tomorrow and will provide a receipt.

Where do you live? I’m looking to ship tomorrow. Long as payment is sent as well!

07047 is my zip code

PM me. I can ship them for $70 all together. I’m shipping the other 2 tomorrow as well. Let me know. Need a on off or series connectors to go with?

Pm pics of the batteries please

Will do in about 2 hours

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2 lipos are sold. Chargers, 2 lipos, on off and series connectors are still available

This is what I got. not sure how u puffed it this bad for 30 miles. and balance lead is shoted looks like. I sould’ve ask for the picture.

I dont know what is ur standards, but I am prettey disappointed

Yeah that is pretty shady. Those lipos look beat

You have got to be kidding …those batteries look like they been drug behind a skateboard for 30 miles

Pretty much brand new condition, huh? That sucks. Can you file a paypal claim?