Old Schooler | Powell | Caliber trucks | TB6355 190kv | TB mounts | 10s4p | Focbox unity

Hi, im fairly new to the forum. I thought id share my first build. It isn’t complete just yet because I’m waiting for the Focbox to arrive, hopefully it ships soon.

I have owned an Evolve for a few years so I decided I would build a short board for a different ride. I found this remake of an old Powell single kick online so I decided to go with that.

@marsen from this forum built me the battery, its a 10s4p using Samsung 30Q cells with smart bms. Marsen also upgraded the battery in my evolve for me last year using the 30q cells, its a huge improvement on the crappy evolve battery.

Im looking forward to the Focbox arriving so I can see how this thing handles, if it feels too short i’ll upgrade to a longer deck.

I built the enclosure using aluminium angle and rivots so it should be able to handle some punishment.

1 IMG_2347 IMG_2348 thumbnail_IMG_2346


Nice build man!.

Calling @b264 @sk8l8r and @taz, we have another electric Powell in the house


the incredible robber boys: steve saiz, eric sanderson, ray barbie and chat tomas:smiley: Edit: quote from public domain

The “awesome” level on this has gone off the chart. :blush:

Did you see my Powell-Peralta?

One suggestion is put a handle under the nose :smiley:

I just checked out your Powell then, it looks very cool. I forgot to mention that i had to move the front truck forward about 10cm to make room for the enclosure, so the wheelbase is a bit wider as a result. Im hoping to do endless manuals mine

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