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Older Randal R-II trucks / motor mount question

So, I’ve been researching like crazy, trying to plan my build, and I’d like to know if the clamp-on style motor mounts (torqueboards, enertion, etc.) would be compatible with my set of older Randal R-II 180mm, 50* trucks (~15 years old). I am trying to convert my old longboard, and reuse components that I already have, if possible.

The trucks have a fairly straight hanger design, mostly flat on 3 sides, curved on the 4th side, similar to a Caliber II truck, from what I’ve seen. The hanger area where the mount would go is around 14mm x 17mm. I’ve searched all over for the dimensions of the motor mount clamp openings with no success. Hopefully, someone can chime in and let me know if any of those motor mounts would work with my existing trucks, or if I need to get new ones. Thanks!

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You can get away with just changing the hangers to Paris hangers, the baseplates will fit.
That’s what I did.

I just welded my randals.

Yeah, your probably better changing out trucks.

The V shape on the truck hanger takes away from the available hanger space we have for motor mounts unless you weld it and/or cut your own notch into it.

Thanks for the suggestions. If I have to change hangers, I’ll just spring for all new trucks. I’d like to avoid welding since I don’t know how, and want to keep my options open for the inevitable dual motor upgrade.

TB, I didn’t even think about the “V” shape interfering, but I’m not shy about hitting it with a dremel if needed. My main concern is whether the hanger is thick enough for the motor mount clamp to hold on to. I’d probably file the mounting area a bit too, so the clamp sits perfectly flat and straight, which might shave off another mm or so of thickness. TB, could you tell me the smallest dimensions of the clamp openings on your “adapters”, if that makes sense? I’m feeling like your mount design has the best chance of working with my trucks. Thanks.

I think you would be hard pressed to fit dual motors on a 180mm randal.

Looking at your photo, dual motors do look kind of impossible. Are dual motor setups usually on 195mm trucks? I thought 180mm was the standard size for either single or dual set ups, but I’m still pretty new to all this.

I’d go for a new set of trucks. I’ve been riding SurfRodz Hex TKP with the extended axle +70mm. They’ve been amazing.

I still find it mind boggling we spend all this money on DIY boards but cheap out on trucks… Even some people’s decks are $200-300 but we’re fitting it with some casted trucks.

Dual motors can fit on Caliber/SurfRodz/Paris just as long as you use 6355 motors.

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New trucks it is then. Those SurfRodz look pretty $$weet, but I’ll probably go with Calibers, or your versions (Caliber clones?). Good to know shorter dual motors can still work on the 180mm trucks though. Not that I’ll ever get that far, but options are good to have.

I was trying to keep my single motor build to ~$500 and not cheap out where it really counts, but as I do more research, I’m finding that my “convert existing longboard” plan to save money isn’t really helping the situation. Longboard is too long and flexible, trucks not compatible, 75mm wheels kind of too small…but at least I have old, dirty bearings and rusty bolts I can use! Lol.

TB, I’m finally getting really close to actually ordering stuff, so I should have some more questions for you soon…

Sounds good… Yeah the SurfRodz are awesome… I’m bummed out I didn’t switch earlier.