Oldschool VS Newschool

Hey Guys with lots of longboard experience.

Is there any longboards trucks that use new school bolt pattern that is smaller, it seems like that all the ones I have seen either have both holes or the old school on which is longer. To me it seems better to have the longer one and the new school is only better for smaller trucks like on popsicle type decks?

I ask because I am designing one of those deck reinforcing plates like the X-things and wondering if there is any point to have both oldschool and newschool bolt holes, or just the old school ones?


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Some decks have multiple holes, so that you can adjust where the truck is forwards and back. In cases like that you can use the old-school hole pattern.

However, I haven’t seen any other normal deck with oldschool used in an ESK8.

Most longboards I have come across seem to have the longer bolt pattern. Baseplates for normal rkp’s usually have both drilled out. Talking caliber etc. Not sure about sr but I would hazard a guess and say long.

ly evo is long

Globe drop through has short

Arbor drop down has long

Santa cruz trick deck has short

These are the only decks I have in front of me right now. Sorry about the spacing there is some strange glitch going on around here.

Grab the repo and play

The hole pattern is universal, but be careful with the centers. Its designed to be milled with a 1/4" endmill, so just check the centers that you use.