OLED Remotes [Under Development] [Please leave suggestions]

No problem with the serial port, we can just use the SoftwareSerial for more Serial Ports.

Cool! Need to think about screen size soon.

0.96" Screen is plenty if its just going to be an arrow.

Ideally I would also like speed and miles left (based on battery usage). Having your settings option would be cool but that seemed v.complicated to do!

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1.3" seems to be the biggest possible without getting too expensive. So will make proof of concept controller with that in mind. (https://www.adafruit.com/product/938) - probably won’t buy from adafruit though.

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I have a much better idea with the tracking system. In Xcode I can make an map application, that connects via bluetooth. So you know the apple map that shows arrow and when to turn left. I have the same thing and send that data to the bluetooth and visualize it with the oled. Much easier and faster. But I have no idea of making that into an android application.

I have an iphone so android can be added if others are interested and know how to do it! Starting to like Fusion 360 more and more - not any random errors so far, just everything is in a different place to solidworks!

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And the joint tool is amazing too.

Design 1 link is here (it is a first draft - only the measurements of the screen are right): http://a360.co/2qilVYi Render with info below:

Please change dimensions/ everything you want/ start afresh but I will have little time to do any more design/ coding work during the week. My controller design seems very clunky so I will have to find ways to make it look cooler - maybe add some useless fins and some bevels in places. Handles will also need finger dents in them. I just understood the timeline feature towards the end of editing - I could not find the usual ‘edit feature’ button from solidworks so there are some additional extrusions!

2.4ghz module with antenna and amplifier http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NRF24L01-PA-LNA-SMA-Antenna-Wireless-Transceiver-communication-module-2-4G-1100m-/201701854993 I2C 1.3" screen http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-3-inch-IIC-I2C-128X64-Blue-OLED-LCD-LED-Display-Module-for-Arduino-Hot-/252779086984 Cheap arduino nanos: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Freeshipping-10pcs-lot-Nano-3-0-controller-compatible-for-arduino-nano-CH340-USB-driver-NO-CABLE/32326740961.html Gps: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/?iid=272508603552&&&adgroupid=43333907642 Lipo: https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-3_7V-500mah-25C-Lipo-Battery-for-Hubsan-H107-H107L-H107C-H107D-p-993951.html


looks cool!

I got a VERY good idea! You know you need to use 4G to use the map to get location. If I use the GPS Module and send current location to my phone via bluetooth you won’t need to use 4G nor Internet. And selecting places does not need 4G either, only searching. But to load the map you need 4g…

You don’t need 4g to get location (your phone has a gps chip inside) - on some gps apps you can download the map so it is offline then you don’t have to pay data charges (but you don’t know traffic like with waze). A user should only need to put in his destination at the start of a ride and should have wifi then - starbucks/ home wifi/ work wifi. If not, one internet search uses hardly any data, but good idea. Actually, the user could be given the choice to get the longitude and latitude from one of the apps where you can download the map offline. Then copy and paste that into a super simple, ‘upload this string to the arduino nano controller’ app.

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But I have a hard time finding and creating Turn by Turn navigation…

Okey progress is being made! I have now created an application with the MapKit in Xcode, now it tells me currently the steps. I will try to figure out with the turn to left in 50 meters soon. Right now its like this:

Proceed to Arne Garborgs veg Use the roundabout to make a U-turn At the roundabout, take the second exit onto Jernbanegata At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Meierigata Arrive at the destination

I got an idea how to make it say turn left in 50 meters. If I take the distance and check if text contains left, then I can format it in to “Turn Left in 50m”

for step:MKRouteStep in steps{ print(“Distance: (step.distance)”) print(“Instruction: (step.instructions)”) }

This is how it looks like(I can change road types, like bike path, walking etc, so it chooses your preference):

This is good I tested it on another road with no roundabout, only straight roads.

*Distance(In): 0.0m *Instruction: Proceed to Keep *Distance(In): 405.0m *Instruction: Turn right onto IngThis *Distance(In): 123.0m *Instruction: Turn left onto Secret *Distance(In): 90.0m *Instruction: Turn right onto ForMyOwn *Distance(In): 52.0m *Instruction: Turn left onto Privacy *Distance(In): 5.0m *Instruction: Arrive at the destination

I can format it if I get a “Turn left onto Anon”. And let it show a left arrow with the meter below of it.

And the good thing with it going thru all the steps. I can upload the destination to the sd card, it will give name on the cordinates etc. But if you take a wrong way it will not tell you tho…

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a) it looks amazing b) The problem of ‘if user goes off-route’ is one I have been thinking about’. i)If the location of each junction is given, could there be a small rotating arrow in the top of the screen that points to the next junction (based on the way the accelerometer is pointed) - that way if you go off track you can just follow that arrow to rejoin your route. ii)GPS Navigation by Scout was the offline navigation app I was thinking of, but their api seems to be getting updated and by the sounds of it, you have to pay so rerouting offline is not possible unless you can do it offline with google/ apple maps api. My idea with the offline reroute is that when a reroute is sensed (I assume that if in offline mode you could get the app to calculate a reroute every 30 seconds) the phone sends a bluetooth packet so the controller shows ‘Reroute being calculated’ and then sending the new route. iii) Find all the junctions around the route at the start and say u-turn when the user gets there.

Option i) seems easiest then iii) then ii). What do you think?

Well if your phone is connected to internett/4G, and you drive wrong it will tell you on the remote.

That is fine then! Does it include speed limits ;)?

It is not that bad using 4G for it, hmm speed limits dont think so. Well the eyes should be on the road so you should see a sign but it would be cool to have the speed limit.

I am soon finished with the software. Right now the GPS sends the Latitude and Longitude via bluetooth to my phone. On my phone it chooses that as a source location(Like current position). The map updates dynamic, you choose a location to go to, it auto routes for you on the iphone. I have managed to send data back with the bluetooth with a string that contains: “AR,11.0” that gets encoded to “Turn right in 11 meters.” Or just a symbol with the meters below it. But the update rate is 1-2 seconds.

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Great! The speed limit was a joke - my board I am planning shouldn’t be able to get to more than 21mph (first board so playing it safe) but will be a 7s6p - 340Wh of power! The encoding looks simple but understandable. I think the update rate (assumed from phone to remote) is good - electric skateboarding is not rally driving so the instructions don’t have to be given super fast, but too slow and you could be convinced you are going the right way when you aren’t and forget to check the screen again.

I thought about that too. The updating rate isnt bad and when you shall turn you always slow down, or mostly because of the road rules. And it updates 1 - 1.5 seconds. It’s an easy fix. All I need to do is changing the baudrate for the bluetooth. Right now its on 9600 and creates a delay when you send a long float value to it, like the cordinates that contains over 7 numbers 00.000000. But it works!

The arrow to pointing to correct place should be useful, because sometimes the gps jumps a few meters and then it will show you the wrong turn, but if you use the compass you can sync it with the phone, and get the right directions.

My first board was also 21mph plenty of speed there!

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