Ollin 5065 200kv

Not sure if anyone has seen this, but these are basically being given away…



Jeez that is a good price! They’d be great for a 10s setup right?

saw these about a week and a half ago. would be perfect for 10s. just a bit small for my tastes :yum:

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Those look just like the racerstar motors I have and that is basically the same price I got mine for but in the US.

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These aren’t being given away until they’re $19.99. Because then I’m down for 2. Until then, the kv is too high for me

It’s the same as Racestar right? So you can have them cheap with 140KV.

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If they arrive and don’t get lost in Chinese customs. And if so, you’ll still wait a month for them. Ask me how I know

Ok, understand. I’ve got them from Banggood and never pay any customs. Time… I agree but can’t have everything :wink:

They look great,

Wish i saw them before buying my Keda,

Edit: Wait over 30$ shipping, No regrets with my keda.

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You can get the racerstar from Ali express eBay or bangood and probably not have the shipping. I ordered my racerstar pulleys from Ali express and they were here the next week.

The Ones from ebay seem great but they can not handle a lot of wattage.

The issue I have with these racerstar style motors is they have a weird bolt hole spacing that is in between the larger and smaller hole squares on a “normal” esk8 motor. So unless you have fairly open design on the mounting holes, you’re SOL

Sometimes when ordering from banggood, or any Chinese place, you have to wait over a whole month just for a refund because your motors got lost in Chinese customs. Ask me how I know.

Only use Chinese places if you don’t value your time or if you’re reselling them.

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I ordered x2 of the Ollin 5065 200kv motors. Im looking to build a lightweight cruiser, no huge torque or top end, just something to mall crawl with. This may be just the thing to keep some weight down.

EDIT: I also ordered a set of Popoca wheels, Im a little iffy on these but we will see how they stack up against flywheels. Im sure they will be good, just wonder if they are as good.


Can’t wait to see your opinion about those wheels :nerd_face:

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