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Ollin Board Co VESC Price Increase

Has anyone else noticed that the VESC’s on Ollin Board Co’s website have sky rocketed up to $170? That can’t be right. Maybe @chaka can enlighten us if this is a mistake or what because I was planning on buying 2 VESC’s from him soon for my build.

pretty sure he posted about that on here.

Are you sure? I can’t find it anywhere. Can you send me the link?

I didn’t know about that increase but I have two Ollin VESC’s and honestly, they’re worth it. He hand makes each one and loads them up with super heavy duty wiring and connectors. He’ll do small customizations like longer motor wires, if you ask nicely and he doesn’t even seem to charge for repairs if you fry it by accident.


Yeah, I’m aware of all of that. That’s why I want to buy from him, but $170 for each VESC is just too much. I would be spending an extra $110 than I originally thought for 2 VESC’s.

True I was about to go purchase mine on saturday but I saw the price and didnt purchase. I know to some its not a big deal but if u add the heat sinks you’re looking at about a 70 dollar increase apiece.

Vesc is already pricy enough

Try buying a quality Castle XL2 8s ESC and then report back about your price concerns…

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Yea I know I used to be into rc too

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Here is the response I got:
"We raised the price due to some added procedures in the production of the VESC and a price increase from mouser. The VESC’s we produce are now coated to protect it from moisture and corrosion. We are the only ones to apply these steps to the VESC at this time. Many of the VESC’s sold to coastal areas were showing signs of moisture related damage so we made sure this will no longer happen. This procedure is standard practice in the automotive and aerospace industry.

We also repair any hardware we build for the cost of components and shipping. Say you blow a drv chip, it will only cost you about $15 dollars total to get back up and running, sometimes less depending on the situation."

For the same price and a bit more noise i could get 3 150amp escs

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What about people that don’t live in coastal areas like myself.

buy from onloop or torque…

I noticed that too, and then i hit that enertion sale and bought five of them knowing that the market price was going to shift everywhere eventually and not just over at Ollin. But what Ollin is doing with his sure makes it seem worth the price bump for a premium product. I’m pretty sure i’ll end up buying from there eventually if i keep burning through ESCs like i do. The repair warranty is basically incomparable.

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I just hit up the enertion sale as well and bought two. I really wanted to buy from @Chaka, but it’s just way out of my budget.

I look at it the same way I do AppleCare. I’m going to break my Mac at some point so I always get AppleCare. I’ve broken two VESC’s, three times so far, so the built-in Chaka warranty is paying for itself.


if you break them so much y not just get a car esc? Is it just the noise that these things solve

They do a lot more than reduce noise. It’s a pretty amazing piece of tech. I don’t think I’ll be frying them at the same clip now that I have learned a few things about them but it’s nice to know the fallback is there. To each his own though.

Amen. to each his own