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Ollin Board Co. VESC

If Ollin board co or anybody who can answer my question is reason this any info would be helpful.
I purchased a VESC with the heats ink and the nyko karma adapter. I know that he makes them by hand and I really don’t want to rush or annoy him, I just want an estimate as to how long he takes to ship an order out. I switched to his VESC (from another seller) because it said it was in stock and ready to ship (also looked like it was better quality with more options). Any info is helpful. Thanks

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I ordered 2 VESC with heat sinks from ollin board & co. I placed the order on April 5. They shipped the product on April 18th. The main reason for the delay is the heat sink package (btw I don’t mind the delay). Right now the product has reached India (Place I live). I guess I will get the product in a day or two.

Hope it Helps :slight_smile:

I would agree about the shipping time. Took about a week and some before shipping. At the end of the day, it’s still fast considering they are made by hand. And the quality is well worth the wait. Compared to other VESCs, they felt and looked solid. And are working like rockstars.

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Hello @Hawkmoon269

All orders will be shipped by the end of the week. We made a big push on fabricating the heat sink parts in bulk since everyone has been adding them to their orders lately. Tracking numbers will start hitting your in-boxes throughout the week.


Yes I still place components by hand but they are soldered in a reflow oven with precise temperature control :wink:


I ordered two non-heat sink VESCs in early April and received them last week. You won’t regret your decision…These things ooze quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Awesome. Sounds good

@chaka I have an order for two VESCs w/ heatsinks and a Badwolf mod that I placed in January. I think it got lost in the shuffle. Is there any chance that my order will be shipped by the end of this week too?

Also… sweet video.

Your order should be on its way already Marcus. I’ll double check to be sure.

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There is noting more relaxing than manually assembling the VESC :D.

Just wanted to share the love :heart_eyes:.


Very nice! Did you do that with tweezers alone? I would be lost without my little vacuum tool.


Thanks, credits to you as well assembling all those by hand! I only assemble by hand when I am inpatient or with prototypes xD. Then indeed all with tweezers, accept for BGA’s, those I have to do with vacuum ( which I generate by sucking on a hose, don’t laugh :smile: ). Luckily not many projects of my contain BGA packages, when they do:

The trusty oven always gets it spot on ^^.

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That is great news! Thank you so much for all of you help. Now, I’ll step aside and let the rest of this thread develop with beautiful handmade VESCs.

That’s fantastic news
Keep up the great work and customer service!

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Agreed! And thank you for continuing to be a great contributor to the community, chaka!


Wow, you have the patients of a saint.

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hey are the vescs still on track to be shipped by the end of today? Just curious. thanks

I envy your skills. How hard is it for someone like me who is into electronics but not at such a small scale like pcbs and such. To make a VESC

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I’m curious too, keeping my fingers crossed for a tracking # today

Got my tracking number today

Pretty quick, just about a week since I ordered
And great customer service too!

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