Ollin boards new Direct FET VESC

I don’t think there has really been any discussion on the pre-Ordering of this VESC. @chaka put up a pre order a week or so ago.



I Wonder how much the V6 will be if this one is $220.00 ??

Yeah, it’s gonna be pretty pricy, although right now you can get this one 20% off, which is a pretty nice deal.

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Is it 220 without any heatshink, because without it you can only put out 30a from these transistor :anguished:

@chaka : I can check on my forum if there’s an interest to do a E-SK8.FR group buy on your new VESCs.This will enable to save shipping too as it seems to be a main showstopper for some of the folks in France.

Nah, 220 is complete, so with case, cables and connectors.

Ok… :sweat_smile:, well it set the table for a 300$ VESC V6 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You think adding an nrf chip and some amplifiers will increase the cost that much? :sweat_smile:

Will see, I’m maybe wrong, but don’t forget that 4,10 where selling for 200 last year, until some vendor ramp up there production… (and Chinese company came into the mixed), so with limited vendor at the beginning (and maybe for a long time if vedder do not allow a commercial use ) it won’t be a suprise to see the first barch selling for around 250 to 300. :thinking:

@chaka How long is your 20% off deal going to last?

Since it’s a pre order sale, I’d assume that it will end when products start shipping, so around the 31st

New pic posted to Ollin’s facebook.



Anyone know the dimentions of this new version ?