Ollin customer service?

Has anyone else had Ollin board shop keep them in the dark when it comes to shipping out their orders? It took almost a week and three different emails to even get a response saying that my 2 VESCs would be shipped out on Monday (4 days ago), and even now, they should have been here yesterday and they are not. So it’s been 2 weeks since I put in this order…

I emailed them again asking for a tracking number but if I don’t get a response with a tracking number by this coming monday I’m gonna ask for a refund :/… I understand they are busy with the freeride complete but making promises they can’t keep is not what I would expect from a company that is so reputable around here.

I think they ran into some issues with there Direct Fet Vesc. This may why you have been in dark. I’m sure they will get it sorted out for you

It took at least 4 weeks to get my Vesc order but it was worth the wait. The quality of their Vescs is unmatched. My advise to you is just try to be patient, they will come through. And you’ll be glad you waited when you see the quality.

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They’re customers service is fantastic and their VESC’s are top notch quality. I wouldn’t worry.


it’s a small business making the highest quality parts, be patient. I’ve had nothing but great service from them.