Ollin Motor Clicking

Wish I had seen this sooner. Looks like a bearing or spacer failure, seems like the whole stack lost proper spacing and the outrunner was rubbing. I will follow up with you later today and get a replacement out to you.


Thanks for the response! Yesterday I played with mixing some of the motors and VESC’s to one another, and am confident only one motor is acting up. The other motor (on the right) is running smoothly, and I’m just going to run the board with a single motor for now.

What are your thoughts? I think only one motor is failing.

-John [email protected]

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We will take care of it! Have another motor posted to you today. Do me a favor and send the bad one back, I want to know how it failed. Plus, I need some extra stators for a side project. :wink:

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This sounds great! The motors here were for a board for my little brother. So If it is OK with you I would like to send both of the motors back as I am begging to think the other one is following in the steps of the already shot motor. I can help pay for shipping or some repairs that need to be done when they get to you. Would you be OK if I sent both back to you? @chaka

Yes, please do!

Okay, will do!

Gahh! Could you provide me with your address on where to ship to again? I can’t seem to find where I wrote it down earlier.

You can find it all here. http://www.ollinboardcompany.com/support

I may have the same problem. Not sure if it’s the same “clicking” noise. https://youtu.be/33J9zMgiZ0k @chaka Any ideas what happened to my motor?

I don’t think that you had the same problem as mine. The motors I had would not even spin up, however in my very scientific answer… your clicking did not sound the same as mine.