Ollin Motor / Vesc | Spacecell v3

All items have never been used. I was going to build an electric skateboard, but due to waiting for a part for longer than expected and an unexpected work assignment that is taking me out of the country for a year I figured it’d be best if someone else used these parts. I didn’t want them to sit around for that long (especially the battery):

Again all items have never been used

Vedder’s Speed Controller (includes Heat Sink Package) With 4mm Bullet Connectors Motor Side/XT-With 90 Anti Spark Battery side - $175 (Has a warranty of a year and a half still) - sold

Ollin Motor (OM5065-200kv) - $74

space cell pro3 - $300 - sold

I’ll free ship if everything is bought together. If not we can discuss shipping costs.

Are you in the US? I think I might want that vesc.

Yes, New Jersey to be exact.

Nice. I just need the vesc to get my board back up and running. Let me know the shipping and out the door price. Is Paypal fine with you?

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PM me your address. I’ll send you total cost. Thanks! Paypal works!

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Just a heads up- depending on vendors sometimes warranties don’t travel when sold to a new owner


Oh ok thanks. I’ll reach out to Ollin Motors then. Thank you.

I think Ollin is special in this department, but maybe @chaka can chime in to confirm.

Yea best way is to ask.

Ollin’s support team responded they are going to uphold the warranty and let me transfer it to the new owners. What a great company.


Nice! There’s a reason why they have built such a solid reputation.

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Only the Ollin Motor remains if anyone is looking for a solid motor that has never been used.