Ollin Motors 170KV New

Selling two Ollin 170kv motors.

Brand new, never connected/powered up. One was mounted up and changed to 4mm bullet connectors but that was it. Two of the sensor wires have shrink wrap as the casing got a little hot when I was putting the shrink tube on the 4mm. no issues

The other untouched motor has 5.5mm bullets.

These are great motors from everything I have read and very efficient.

They are $84 each new plus shipping without Vesc connectors. Asking $75 shipped each and I’m including the sensor connectors.

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Bump, if you buy both I’ll switch the other motor to 4mm bullets to match

One sold, one left.


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Shipping from? I’m still looking for a motor since mine broke. Also do these last with single drive? Shipping to Netherlands

Shipping from Los Angeles, CA. I have heard of a few singles with these. I can ship there but you’d need to cover the cost difference (it’s about $8 for me to ship anywhere in 48 states).

Here are two single drive videos.



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Anybody need a motor?

yeeee @nmiller14